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Belize elected to top level UN Security Council

1 April 2014 One Comment

Belize elected to top level UN Security Council


In a surprise move, Belize has been elected to the UN Security Council, and will be sharing an office with Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon, who requested the move “in order to work in close proximity with the Belizean advisors,” he said.

US Secretary of State, John Kerry said that It was a surprise move, but necessary given recent events in the world.

“We need a country that is laid back and recognises the value of preserving nature and having a good time.

“We were also looking for a nation to provide some killer dance beats to our meetings, and Belize fit the bill.

“When the nation offered to provide their great barbeque to all General Assembly meetings, it cinched the deal,” he said.

President Barack Obama is said to support the move wholeheartedly.

“There’s just too much tension in the world right now. I’m sure we could all use a little of that carefree, Belizean attitude,” he said.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin was more succinct.

“This is a warm country where a man can take his shirt off and ride horses, and I say Da!” the usually taciturn leader smiled.

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