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Chaa Creek Celebrates Belize’s Reopening With Two Special Holiday Vacation Packages

Updated 35 mins ago
Hooray! It’s been a long and winding road, but Belize is on course to have the Philip Goldson International Airport reopen for overseas visitors on the first of October, 2020. And here at Chaa Creek we’re celebrating with – among other things – two new holiday vacation packages guaranteed to excite, relax, and generally rejuvenate […]
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Happy Birthday Belize and Chaa Creek!

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Updated 3 days ago
You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby Those of us of a certain age will remember that advertising jingle, and while seriously out of date, it seems so appropriate to Belize’s birthday that we couldn’t help ourselves. It harkens back to those heady days surrounding September 21, 1981, when the dream of Belizean independence was finally […]
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Belize and Chaa Creek’s New Health and Safety Measures Make For Carefree, Relaxing, and Rewarding Vacations

Updated 1 week ago
With Belize’s Philip Goldson International Airport set to reopen on the first of October, 2020, Chaa Creek’s health and safety officer said staff members have been working diligently to make sure that Belize’s first and foremost eco-resort is “one of the healthiest destinations on the planet.” But that doesn’t mean enhanced hygiene and other practices […]
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Birding in Belize: Chaa Creek’s Cure For The Blues #3

Updated 3 weeks ago
Birding in Belize As promised, we return this week with another Rx for the blues, boredom, and the indoor-itus many of us have endured these last few months. Cure number three is another one of our favorite activities – and Belize and Chaa Creek are recognized worldwide as top spots for enjoying it. This is […]
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belize cure for the blues add water canoeing

Our Second Chaa Creek Cure for The Blues – Just Add Water

Updated 1 month ago
Canoeing a lazy tropical river before returning back to a tranquil Belize jungle lodge for exquisite pampering has now been thoroughly tested. It works! Last week we began our series of prescriptions formulated to help beat those Stuck-at-Home Blues. And the response shows that just remembering that there’s a vibrant natural world out there – […]
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2020 Color Belize Art Competition Winners Announced by Chaa Creek

Updated 1 month ago
Chaa Creek announces 2020 Color Belize Art Competition Winners We want to thank all the young and budding artists who participated in Chaa Creek’s Color Belize Art Competition. We received more than 70 stunning entries of creative artforms including paintings, drawings and collages that brilliantly capture Belize’s magnificent wildlife. Some of the art submissions received: Among […]
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belize philip goldson international airport exterior

Latest Updates On Belize and Chaa Creek’s Reopening

Updated 1 month ago
The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same -Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr It’s Like Déjà vu All Ove Again =Yogi Berra Not to make light of a serious global situation that has seriously affected all of us, these sayings pretty much sum up our response to the latest reports from the US and the Belize […]
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chaa creek belize cure for blues hiking and outdoors

Chaa Creek’s Belize Cure For The Blues

Updated 2 months ago
A Natural Remedy Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better Let’s face it, it’s been a long last few months… Here at Chaa Creek, we’re used to being busy – with our guests, maintaining the grounds, pool and buildings, looking after horses, tending the gardens and farm, and a zillion other things - so this new […]
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