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Happy fourth of july USA from Chaa Creek Belize Resort


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Updated 1 week ago
Here at The Lodge at Chaa Creek, we’re joining many Belizeans and expats in wishing our friends to the north a very happy American Independence Day. Belize and the United States have many things in common, including our own unique versions of  the English language (both with a liberal sprinkling of Spanish), a British heritage […]
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belize btb goldstandards 9 point checklist

9 Ways Belize And Chaa Creek Are Making Healthy Vacations Safer

Updated 2 weeks ago
Belize And Chaa Creek Are Making Healthy Vacations Safer with 9 Point Safety Standards Checklist No one can say for sure when international travel will resume, but Belize’s leading role in confronting and containing the Coronavirus, combined with new, stringent safety measures, have the little country poised for the earliest and safest resumption of tourism. […]
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5 ways to enjoy a heathy carefree belize vacation at chaa creek

5 Ways To Enjoy a Heathy, Carefree Belize Vacation At Chaa Creek

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Updated 4 weeks ago
As travel moves ever closer to reopening, people are beginning to dream about their dream vacations. And with health and safety still a priority for many travellers, we thought we’d offer some suggestions for exciting, fun, and above all, carefree vacations. Tip One – Visit Belize. Belize, with its low population density, plenty of pristine […]
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new Belize Maya maize discoveries unearthed

Belize’s Maya and Maize - New Discoveries Rekindle Interest in Ancient Belize

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Updated 1 month ago
And Chaa Creek makes ancient history come alive A dramatic new discovery in Belize is generating waves of excitement among the world’s top Maya researchers, archaeologists, historians and scientists. Not to mention those of us here at Chaa Creek. And, as Belize inches closer to opening up for tourism, the news reminds travellers of the […]
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belize wildlife at chaa creek you must see header photo

Beautiful Belize Wildlife at Chaa Creek: 5 You Must See

Updated 1 month ago
We’d Like You To Meet Some Local Belize Wildlife Visitors To Chaa Creek In a popular travel destination like Belize, with its low population density and wide-open spaces, the recent lack of visitors has been particularly noticeable. And in the nature-based, intimate rainforest setting of Chaa Creek, a Belize jungle lodge where the owners enjoy […]
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belize covid19 free moves closer to normalcy featured image

Belize Remains COVID19 Free - Moves Closer To Normalcy

Updated 1 month ago
With High Tech - And Highly Successful - Initiatives, Belize Moves Closer To Normalcy Our regular readers would be well aware of our pride and respect for the partnership that exists between the government, NGOs, travel industry and, especially, the people of Belize. That’s something we feel all the time, but has really come to […]
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belize chaa creek dust off welcome mat covid19

Here At Chaa Creek, We’re Dusting Off The Belize Welcome Mat

Updated 2 months ago
“Good News” and “COVID-19” are two expressions you wouldn’t think go hand in hand these days. Yet here we are, starting the week of May 11 with some good news about COVID-19 in Belize. There, we’ve done it – we just used “Good news” “COVID-19”, and “Belize” in the same sentence. Because, with several sources […]
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happy earth day 2020 Chaa Creek header

Happy Earth Day 2020

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A Bird came down the Walk (328) Emily Dickinson - 1830-1886 A Bird came down the Walk— He did not know I saw— He bit an Angleworm in halves And ate the fellow, raw, And then he drank a Dew From a convenient Grass— And then hopped sidewise to the Wall To let a Beetle […]
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