5 Belizean Christmas Delicacies

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  1. Let's eat, drink and be Merry! 
  2. Tamales/Bollos 
  3. Rice and Beans with Ham 
  4. Black Relleno
  5. Black Cake 
  6. Rumpopo
  7. Spend A Green Christmas with us!

Let’s eat, drink and be Merry!

Christmas spirit comes in many ways. It may make itself known in every cheery tune in Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas.

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In every glint of warm golden lights illuminating each home or the icy gusts of breeze felt creeping in as night settles in. Where ever you may be, one of these will indeed greet you.

However, what’s a celebration of this year’s festive season without a banquet of seasonal food?

In Belize, Central American and Caribbean Cuisine are enjoyed daily and take the front centre for Christmas Eve, where traditional food meets modern cooking techniques concoctioning a grand feast!

Spending Christmas in Belize means embarking on a sabbatical food journey made unforgettable by the unique taste of Tamales, Bollos, Rice and Beans, Relleno, and Ham sweetened by Black Cake and, of course, accompanied Rumpopo, a merry drink.  


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A delicacy wrapped in green, literally.

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Get a taste of rich heritage and culture in each bite of this corn-based food, covered in green plantain leaves filled with seasoned meat cooked to perfection by steam. Find them at local diners or Farmer’s Market, or learn to make them at our Open Hearth Culinary Experience. 

Rice and Beans with Ham

Rice and Beans with chicken is a classic. Rice and beans, with Ham, a must-have nourishment.

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Taking the essential rice and beans component and adding a seasonal twist makes it an exciting meal. In most household cooking, the Ham is a ceremonious event; eating it on Christmas Eve and after is a tradition. 

Black Relleno

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A savory soup with a firm hold in Northern Belize, it is the only soup that made it on our list, and for a great reason. It is primarily a Mestizo dish. This black soup comprises vegetables and chicken stuffed with pork and hard-boiled eggs. Because of the main ingredient, black recado, the soup is well black. It is paired with corn tortillas or, occasionally, white rice. 

Black Cake

When vacationing in the Caribbean, Dessert like a local! This means enjoying a delicious slice of Black Cake after a hearty meal.

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The regional sweet treat consists of dried fruit, nuts, and rum; because of its color, many may confuse it with chocolate cake; this is because its rich black color is a result of the use of burnt molasses rather than cocoa. Also important to note that it is soaked in rum to help with its preservation, giving it a long lifeline. 


After highlighting the main course meals, and the dessert, it’s time to feature the drink that complements these jolly meals. As December 1st arrives, Rumpopo sales start steadily rising, for it’s a must to toast with this Belizean version of eggnog.

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The rich blend of eggs, sugar, spices, and rum will make you feel at home even though you opted to spend a warm Christmas in the Caribbean. 

Spend A Green Christmas with us!

With Christmas upon us, here at The Lodge At Chaa Creek we look forward to celebrating with great tradition and savoury seasonal specials with you.

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