Children want to learn about the environment

By Hazel Castillo (10 years old)

I am Hazel; I would very much like to be an “Eco-Kid” because of my love for all animals, plants and things of nature. The responsibilities of an Eco-Kid involve the study of the habitats of animals and to help in the protection of homes of wild animals. As an Eco-Kid I will have the opportunity of working closely with private and public agencies such as The Lodge at Chaa Creek in the application of the principles and rules which guide us in living in peace and harmony with the earth and all its inhabitants.

An Eco-Kid is not who goes around kicking down anthills or pulling birds’ nests out of trees, but one who protects all living creatures. Tourists destinations such as “The Lodge at Chaa Creek” teaches its clients (such as tourists and others) to protect the environment and its inhabitants so that all of us and those who follow, can enjoy nature. I will also strive to become a good ambassador and role model for other young people to follow in having man and nature live in harmony with each other.

When we do not work in harmony with nature, all things are thrown out of balance. Every day we see things that go wrong because man interfered with the balance in nature. Too much cold or too much heat is only two examples of man’s actions against nature. We must live in harmony with the earth if we want to avoid self destruction.

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