Stewards of the Earth by Erick Lopez

By Erick Lopez (13 years old)

We are stewards of our home, Earth. Planet Earth is the greatest treasure God created and we need to appreciate it as our own kingdom of happiness. As guardians of our planet, everyone of us needs to make it our goal to protect and preserve all that our Earth encompasses. The forest, it’s flora and fauna, our rivers and seas, our atmosphere all depend on us, it’s inhabitant, to let it remain for our future generations. Becoming an Eco kid will give more reasons to want to care for ourĀ environment.

I consider myself one of the few teenagers who wants to take care of our environment. I find out often being challenged by many of my peers whenever I practice what I was taught to take care of our environment. That’s reason number one for wanting to be an ECO kid so as to meet kids of my age who have the same interest like I do, kids that will not make me feel that I am weird because I am doing what’s right to help keep our planet earth clean and green.

My parents made me an eco-kid from the day I was born. For the first two years of my life I used cloth diapers and was a breast fed baby. My grandmother taught me many ways to giving back to mother earth. I learnt to dispose of my garbage properly, taking out the peelings of fruits and veggies to the compost pile outside, watering the plants, not leaving any notebook pages unused, buying my clothes and house hold items at the second hand stores and practicing the 3R’s .

During our summer vacations we always visited nature parks instead of the city, went on trails, enjoyed the beach in Corozal and just by doing that made me appreciate nature even more. It has been a challenge, you know as a child and young teenager to practice what was being taught, but knowing that the reason was for a good cause I tried and tried till it bacame part of me.

I believe that it needs lots of team work, acts of kindness and the right attitude to continue the work in rescuing our earth, our home. I feel we need to take care of this beautiful country our ancestors the Mayas left. I want to be among kids who are not afraid like me to continue working towards a cleaner environment, preserving wildlife and fresh air and oxygen to breathe. I am really excited in becoming an Eco- Kid at Chaa Creek to be closer to nature and learn more and also be surrounded by people that really do care in taking care of what God gave us to take care of while we are living here.

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