Wednesday July 25, 2012

Today’s land conservation theme brought the eco campers to the 33 acre Maya Organic Farm, which plays an integral part on the Chaa Creek Reserve.  Not only does it help to conserve the land, but the farm also provides jobs for local workers, and supplies produce for the The Lodge at Chaa Chreek and the Macal River Camp, where the kids are staying this week.  One the main goals of the farm is to implement as many traditional Maya farming techniques as possible, the most notable of these being the absence of chemicals in their agricultural practices.  While it may be quicker and easy to use pesticides, and most modern farms do exactly that, Mr. Mick explained to us that the Flemings choose to follow an environmentally friendly model, and as I’m sure the children will testify, the difference is clearly shown in the delicious food we have eaten thus far!

The eco-campers had a chance to tour the operation and recognize many local plants, trees, herbs, and produce.  They were also treated to some live action as we met the sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, heifers, and even the bull.  To top off the farm adventure, the kids had a chance to stick their entire arms into the compost piles, as Mr. Mick explained to them how everything in an organic farm is connected, right down to the animals’ feces!  No wonder they all washed their hands so well before lunch.  An afternoon filled with swimming, canoeing, and lots of fun in the sun has left this blogger’s brain on empty so we will let the pictures tell the rest of the tale.

Stand by for tomorrow’s wet and wild theme – Splash Party!

The eco-campers hopping down from the transport truck at the organic farm.

Mick Fleming teaching the kids about the farming operation

The farm workers look on as the goats take a break from grazing to go see the kids

Zeus poses for the camera as the kids await a chance to feed him

A local farm worker holds up a large snail that has come out of its shell to see what’s going on

Chelsea and Kimauni watch as Mr. Mick teaches them about the banana flower’s unique design

Junior Camp Counselor Kaitlyn doing her best goat expression

Luis and Reign examining worms in the compost

The hard working crew at the farm prepares the eco-campers special gifts

The boys enjoying a break from the sun

Glevaughn looks on in horror, but Glenn and Eulogio are still unaware of the lurking river monster

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