A Letter to our Valued Travel Partners

Dear Travel Partner,

Despite all the warnings and dire predictions, the 2012 apocalypse did not eventuate, the US economy did not fall off a fiscal cliff and here we are once again wishing you, our valued travel partners, a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.

Indeed, where others saw endings, we saw fresh opportunities and new beginnings as 2012 wound down and the sun rose on a beautiful January 1, 2013. Celebrating the Maya Winter Solstice of 2012 in a respectful and exuberant way made for the perfect farewell to 2012 and a hearty welcome to the new year.

As most of you know, here at Chaa Creek we were eagerly looking forward to December 21 2012 and sure enough, our anticipation was well founded as we hosted one of the best celebrations Belize has ever seen. As a combination of education, cultural exposition, feasting and partying, we’re happy to report that a great time was had by all as staff, guests and neighbours joined together for a truly special week.

And of course, the dust barely had time to settle before we were enjoying a truly memorable Christmas and New Years with our family and friends. We hope and trust your year ended on as high a note.

If nothing else, our 2012 Winter Solstice celebrations gave us a sense of optimism, of resilience, permanence and the embracing of a future where all things are possible and where we are only limited by our imaginations and will. And it is in this spirit that we approach 2013.

We’re of course pragmatic enough to recognise the challenges all of us in the travel and tourism industry face. Money is tight, confidence is not exactly at record highs and people the world over are feeling pressures. One of the consequences of living in a connected world is that the slightest hiccup is heard round the planet.

At the same time, experience has taught us the importance of perspective – we determine for ourselves whether the glass is half empty or half full and if we shrink from or rise up to the occasion.

And in this spirit, we’ve decided to approach 2013 as a year full of possibilities and opportunities waiting to be identified and seized upon.

When we made the decision over 30 years ago to make the leap from small family farm to guest accommodation in a remote part of a relatively unknown country many people thought it highly unlikely that we’d succeed

Today Chaa Creek is one of the region’s most highly regarded eco resorts with 24 rooms and suites nestled in a beautiful 365 acre private nature reserve. Our signature range of exciting, educational adventures, expeditions and cultural experiences truly sets us apart, and our Natural History Centre, Butterfly Farm, Conference Centre, Macal River Camp bungalows, Rainforest Medicine Trail, Organic Maya Farm, eco-friendly Hilltop Spa and swimming pool offer guests a unique, diverse range of experiences that have earned Chaa Creek a reputation as a destination within a destination.

With over 135 well trained and highly motivated staff members we provide a level of service that continues to set the standard for luxury in Belize, while maintaining miles of beautiful jungle trails perfect for bird watching, mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, or just strolling through a pristine rainforest. Our canoes remain the most popular way to explore the river and enjoy scenic excursions into San Ignacio Town.

We don’t mean to brag, but we do want to explain why we continue to remain optimistic about the future of tourism in Belize. We’ve found that through rich times and lean, through thick and thin, the steady provision of a quality experience always pays off in the long run.

So for 2013 we are offering new tours, packages and exciting specials to ensure that our place in the market is fresh and vibrant.

Now that Tropic Air has instituted direct flights from our front door at Maya Flats to Ambergris Caye, Belize City and other destinations in Belize, our Rainforest to Reef packages have become easier, more attractive and represent great value for those looking to combine a rainforest experience with a Caribbean beach holiday.

New tours such as the exciting La Capitana Lake Excursion keep us in the forefront of wilderness experiences delivered with comfort and casual luxury, and we will soon be announcing “Belize Bespoke Adventures” packages where you will have the opportunity to work with our adventure specialists to design unique vacation packages for guests.

These are just a few of the exciting new offerings for 2013.

And what will remain constant is our commitment to sustainable, responsible travel. Everyone at Chaa Creek, from management to staff, share a commitment to the Green ethos that has been part and parcel to our operations from the very beginning. We think your clients will appreciate the fact that 10% of all room revenue goes directly into ecological and social programs under our “Chaa Creek Cares” program, and that we take their comments and suggestions for improvement seriously.

It is this attention to detail that keeps us winning awards and industry recognition. Throughout 2013 Chaa Creek continued to receive awards and accolades from travel industry professionals such as Condé Nast, Trip Advisor, National Geographic, Fodors and Fox News.

So we hope you understand why we feel that 2013 is going to be an exciting year, and please keep up with us on Twitter, Facebook, our website and Belize Travel Blog. Or come experience casual luxury in the Heartland of the Maya first hand and see for yourself what it is about Chaa Creek that results in such positive feedback from families, couples, singles and groups. We do hope to see you someday, and in the meantime wish you an exciting 2013 and a year full of peace, happiness and prosperity.

Mick, Lucy, Bryony and Piers Fleming

And the staff of

The Lodge at Chaa Creek

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