Eco Kids Learn About Land Conservation

Today’s Theme: Land Conservation

Today’s Arts and Crafts Project: Wallets

Theme Song: “Baby Shark”

6:00 AM: Campers play a game of morning volleyball

Team Blue Monkeys  learning about growing pitaya

Campers this morning were awoken to a loud *BONK* on the roof of their cabin as a volleyball rolled off. With the morning sun peeking through the trees, everyone was already up and excited for the day’s activities, which would include swimming, and a trip to the nearby Maya Organic Farm to check out some of the delicious organic fruits and vegetables grown there.

While preparations for the hike were underway, the campers sat down at the arts and crafts tables to make their very own wallets. Tastes in wallet decoration varied widely, with some campers using stickers, some drawing, some using leaves and sticks, and several using magazine cutouts. One of the best ones included both Wolverine from the X-Men and Micheal Jackson competing for cover space. Campers also got the chance to have their beanbags mended by some of the counselors who were more adept at sewing.

Once those wallets were all put away, campers headed up the trail and piled into the back of a truck for the short trip down to the Maya Organic Farm. Once there, they were met by the guides, who proceeded to show them many of the things that kept the farm going. One of the favorites was definitely the compost making, and expressions ranged from “EWWWWW’ to “Oooooh, can I touch it” when naturalist guide David showed off the large worms they used to speed up compost making.

From pitaya harvesting to learning how to grow okro, campers got down and dirty while learning about some of the more interesting farming techniques. There were also a couple opportunities to sample herbs such as lemongrass, mint and basil. Some campers even decided to try nibbling on the cayenne peppers hanging from a nearby bush, but quickly reconsidered once their mouths started burning!

The weather clouded up a bit after lunch, so the campers skipped the river swim, and went straight to Chaa Creek’s pool for a bit of splashing around. It rained while we were in the pool, but there’s not much to fear once you’re already wet!

This evening, campers are practicing their songs and skits for the upcoming song and talent shows, and there are definitely some amazing voices among the group. We’ll have to see what they come up with in the next couple days!

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