Eco Kids Learn About Belizean Wildlife

Today’s Theme: Belize Wildlife

¬†Today’s Arts and Crafts Project: Newspaper Bags
Theme Song: “You might wake up the Birdies”
6:30 AM: Campers sleep in on the last day!
Balboa the Boa, nice to meet you

Eco-Campers finally slept in until 6:30 AM this morning, just to fool with their counselors. This was a surprise, as the Eco-Kids have been awake and playing every morning in the past week by 6:00 AM! Needless to say, the counselors appreciated it greatly, which was reflected in an even more energetic than usual morning song routine.

As Eco-Camp 2013 comes to a close, the campers put together newspaper bags in order to carry home all the excellent arts and crafts projects they have done since coming to camp. The bags have to be big enough to fit Jungle Journals, Plastic bottle pencil holders, beanbags, bracelets, and pet rocks, and were made out of recycled newpapers and string. The bag also doubles as a stylish accessory, sure to go with any environmentally-themed outfit.

The Eco-Kids could also be heard practicing their skits for this evening’s skit competition. The Blue Morphos and Howler Monkeys won the song competition last night with their renditions of “Fly High like a Morpho” and “I’m at Eco Camp”, and will be performing for the parents on Sunday. The winners of the skit competition will also be performing onstage come Sunday afternoon.

Today’s visitor was none other than MIss Sharon Matola and Jamal from the Belize Zoo, along with their friends Happy the Owl, Balboa the Boa and Rose the Crocodile. Kids spent a hour and a half learnign about these amazing animals, and even got to get up close and personal with them. As they learnt, Happy likes to be stroked on the nose, Rose likes to be pet on the back, and Balboa likes to be tickled under the chin. Some of the campers were a little frightened to touch Balboa the Boa, but as soon as they saw how friendly he was, they were crowding around to say hi.

After a delicious lunch, and saying good-bye and thank you to the cooks and pastry chefs that have been making such amazing meals for the past weeks, campers headed back to their cabins to hunt down all their stuff, begin packing, and get ready for the skit competition tonight! Will the Jaguars overcome the Howlers, or will the Fireflies outshine the Morphos? I guess the parents will see!

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