Eco Kids Summer Camp 2013 Kick-Off!!

The Eco Kids Summer Camp Scholarship program started off as a blast! One of the organizers, Roberto Harrison, along with tour guides Miguel Choco & Daren Lamb picked up the 24 young winners in Belize City, Belmopan and San Ignacio.

We received over 75 essays from all over the country of Belize and the winners were selected based on the creativity, grammar and structure of the 300 words essay that they submitted. “I never thought organizing an event as small but impacting as this would be so much work,” he added. Roberto also said that it took 3 months of planning and organizing for the program to come to fruition.

Listed below are the 24 kids divided into 4 respective groups:

Female Eco Greenies (8-10 years old)

Kenly Young

Maslin Hanson

Julene Garcia

Bianca Gray

Bianca Narvaez

Lillian Shal

Female Eco Saplings (11-13 years old)

Demeesha Gabourel

Lillian Aguirre

Dina Aguilar

Alice Corrigan

Regina Requena

Juanita Choco

Male Eco Greenies (8-10 years old)

Gian Heredia

Aadil Nu’man

Terrence Alvin Sutherland

Luis Alexander Edwards

Sylvester Alexander Choc

Javier Bol

Male Eco Saplings (11-13 years old)

Juan Espat

Garry Nunez

George Hanson Jr.

Nazeem Amin Ahmad

Jonathan Daniel Ludwig

Jonathan Carlo Lohr

“We ensure that the kids receive proper care & attention, and decided that we would have more camp counselors this year than any other year” Mr. Harrison said.

The camp counselors names are as follows:


Levi Baldwin


Shevon Pop

Daniel Rath


Rebecca Rath

Jasmine Ford

Linda Martin

Lily Jones

Lonzelle Sherard

“It was interesting to see the expressions on the faces of some parents. Some were nervous, others were happy and a couple even shed a tear or two. It must be very uncomfortable as a parent to leave your child in the care of strangers, but they know that they are in the hands of a reputable tourism destination” said Mr. Harrison.

Roberto continued and said, “As for the kids, they were nothing short of excited and energetic! They couldn’t wait to get to the camp and get set up. I can foresee environmentalists and great friends coming out of this camp, but most importantly eco-conscious citizens of the world, of which are desperately needed”.

The camp will last for seven jam-packed days of fun, educational & inspirational activities. The camp will end on Sunday July 28th, day on which there will be a special presentation by all campers and then the kids will be reunited with their families at the three pick-up points thereafter.

Below are snapshots of the first day:

Eco Kids Summer Camp 2

Eco Kids Summer Camp 5

Eco Kids Summer Camp 3

Chaa Creek Road

Eco Kids Summer Camp 7

Eco Kids Summer Camp 1


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