Eco Kids Learn About Solid Waste Management

Today’s Theme: Solid Waste Management

Today’s Arts and Crafts Project: Bracelets

Theme Song: “Poor Little Bug on the Wall”

5:00 AM: The howler monkeys are back!

Run from the water balloons

The howler monkeys treated us to another dawn serenade this morning, and some campers even got to get up close and personal as the monkeys climbed down right in front of their cabins! We have been hearing the howler monkeys off at a distance during Eco-Camp, but you definitely know when they are near the cabins!

Today’s theme of Solid Waste Management meant that the day was not as hectic as previous days. Campers had a leisurely breakfast, and a couple games of “Wink Assassin” before diving straight into Arts and Crafts, recycling plastic water bottles to use as stylish bracelets. Some campers decorated their bracelets with the colors of the Belizean flag, while others went with more colorful heart stickers.

After finishing touches were put on the bracelets, campers lined up and marched to the Chaa Creek conference room, where Mr. Brion Young gave a presentation on the various ways to use environmentally friendly practices in everyday life. Mr. Young highlighted several of the ways in which Chaa Creek recycles, such as using old cardboard boxes as mulch at the Maya Organic Farm, as well as giving campers advice on recycling at home.

After filling up on delicious chicken quesadillas in Chaa Creek’s dining room, campers headed back to the conference room for a music session with Mr. Emmanuel Mangar, while most counselors headed back to camp to get the Splash party ready. Mr. Mangar had all the kids in song, and even gave out autographs in the camper’s jungle journals at the end of his presentation.

Upon arrival back at camp, the Eco-Campers were greeted with a huge slippery slide, and several large buckets of water balloons. Needless to say, the next hour and half consisted of everyone getting very muddy and wet, and campers were running all over the place as they dodged water balloons, both from the counselors, and from each other!

Cleanup after such a large water balloon fight would have been tough without help, but campers recalled the lessons in solid waste management learnt during the day, and everyone scoured the campground for pieces of water balloon. After such an exciting day, I bet campers are going to sleep well tonight, especially if it rains!

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