Belize on the Move in More Ways than One

Belize on the Move in More Ways than One

Indian Students Heading to Belize to obtain Medical Degrees?


In local news from the far side of the world, ABC Radio (that’s the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) reports that an increasing number of aspiring doctors from India are electing to obtain their medical education in Belize.

We admit to missing the actual broadcast, but the tagline under the transcript’s headline for the 2 December 2013 broadcast,  “Indian students head for China, Russia, Nepal to study medicine” stated “More and more Indian students are heading to countries like Russia, China, Nepal and Belize to obtain medical degrees.”

Now that caught our eyes, especially as it follows our media release and blog of 24 October 2013  “Chaa Creek Welcomes News of Medical Tourism in Belize” which said that “The Lodge at Chaa Creek said it is closely watching the newly-formed Belize Medical Tourism Association, which has recently been announced in the International Medical Travel Journal.”

That news release quoted The Belize Trade and Investment Development Services (BELTRAIDE) as saying, “Belize possesses a number of competitive advantages that put the country in a good position to become a medical tourism destination. Those are proximity to the US, being an English speaking country, branding as a top natural tourism destination, famous retirement destination, and experience with dental tourism.”

Sounded good to us.

And now the Australian news reporting that Belize may become a sought after spot to study medicine? Wow.

It’s early days, and details are sketchy, but could it be, on top of becoming the world’s “must see” eco-tourism destination and along with other economic developments as we discussed in another media release of November 3 “Chaa Creek Promotes Diversified Economy in Belize”,  that little Belize is also becoming a medical destination, for both patients and students?

Belize’s burgeoning arts and music scene, the recent global embrace of the Garifuna Collective with a successful world tour and healthy record sales, the success of the Belize International Film festival and so much more, this sounds like a little country on the move.

Or as we’ve always said here, much more than just a pretty face.

Given the stunning beauty of Belize, it would be easy to just sit back and become the world’s most sought after, pristine eco destination. But that’s not the Belizean way, is it? The creative people of Belize are obviously using the income generated by tourism to buy cameras, musical equipment, paints and other gear necessary to arts and crafts and, as they say, “knocking our own ‘ting”.

This has never surprised us. Just listen to the musical output of such a tiny country and check out the artwork. But we will say that this turn to medicine has taken us by surprise.

But then, why not? As former British colonies where people speak English, it makes sense for Indian students to want to study in Belizean paradise.

The ABC’s reporter, Murali Krishnan wrote, ”As India continues to wrestle with the need to increase medical seats and colleges, the exodus (of medical students)  also carries on.”

And if Belize is one of the stops on the exodus, so much the better. More doctors, more medicine, better health care? It just keeps getting better.

Stay tuned.

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