6 Reasons Why Christmas in Belize is Winter Wonderland

6 Reasons Why Christmas in Belize is Winter Wonderland


As temperatures drop in northern climes, the tropics naturally start looking inviting – just ask the countless birds making their way down to Belize right now.


There are many other reasons that make Belize the perfect winter destinations, and here’s five that immediately come to mind:

1. The weather 


Many people find the November to December weather in Belize to be close to perfection. Belize has one of the most consistent year round temperatures to be found anywhere,  with a yearly average of about 84° F (29°C), and annual humidity staying around the 85 per cent mark.

November to December sees some of the coolest weather, with daytime highs hitting around 81°F (27°C) and evenings going as low as 73°F (23°C), meaning that it’s warm enough to enjoy swimming, exploring Maya temples, hiking, canoeing and other daytime activities without breaking into a sweat, and the evenings are delightfully pleasant. For many visitors from the northern climes, this equals perfection. The transition from wet to dry season begins in December, meaning all in all it’s Goldilocks weather – not to cold, not too warm, not too wet, not too dry… just right!

2. There’s so much to do


Rather than being a time for hibernation, winter in Belize is the time to get out and do things. The warm but not sticky-hot weather suits all kinds of outings, and with the influx of visitors, there are plenty of activities on offer. Whether you’re looking for aquatic adventures like diving, snorkelling and swimming in turquoise Caribbean waters or canoeing along meandering jungle rivers like the Macal, or taking inland excursions though Belize’s vast protected forests and national parks, visiting the numerous Maya archaeological sites, or enjoying activities such as birding, horseback riding, hiking, exploring Maya ceremonial caves or just relaxing in a hammock, Belize will give you a whole new appreciation of winter.

3. It’s uplifting


Belize is justly famous as home to some of the friendliest, warmest and most helpful people on the planet. Just ask anyone who’s been there. Living in such a stunningly beautiful, multiculturally harmonious land no doubt contributes to this, and genuine warmth and cheerfulness seem to be an innate national characteristic. We’ve found that being surrounded by smiles and good cheer has a contagious effect, and sooner or later even the most harried arrivals are walking around with a spring in their steps and pleasant words on their lips. Try it yourself.

4. It’s the Celebration Season


Starting with the Independence Day celebrations in September, Belize’s famous “longest-running  party in the world” continues through to the new year. With Garifuna Settlement Day on November 19, and the unofficial but still widely observed Thanksgiving falling on November 27 this year, the revelry continues to gain momentum right up to Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years Eve –  holidays that all retain their traditional elements but are celebrated with that distinctly tropical Belizean flair. In between holidays the festive atmosphere is kept alive from Ambergris Caye to Placencia and inland though Cayo to the Guatemalan border as more holidaymakers arrive to unwind. And while Belize remains uncrowded and laid back, the influx of happy visitors combined with the prevailing national good humour creates an atmosphere that keeps everyone in high spirits right through the rest of the year.

5. It’s become a food lover’s paradise 


There’s something about the holiday season that brings out the best in Belize’s increasingly sophisticated foodie culture. Lobster season is still on, and the with the world’s second largest barrier reef supporting an amazing variety of seafood right out the front door, there’s an abundance of “Le fruits de Mar  (or maricosas in local parlance) on menus. It’s also harvest season, and with Chaa Creek’s impressive Maya organic farm continually producing the finest, purest fruits and vegetables around, it’s a culinary delight. Each year we see the menus becoming richer, more diverse and reflective of Belize’s unique multicultural society, so in addition to healthy activities, guests enjoy a choice of fresh, healthy food prepared with an unmistakable élan.

and best of all:

6. You’re in Belize 

where else can you enjoy such a heady mix of scenery, cultures, languages, and opportunities for both adventure and relaxation? English speaking, with the local currency pegged at two-to-one to the US dollar (which is gladly accepted everywhere), Belize is an incredibly easy country to get around in. Exotic without feeling too foreign, different but not confusing and so famously friendly, it has all the fun of being overseas without the hassles or language barriers, meaning travellers can relax, get to know the locals, and really enjoy themselves.

All in all, we can’t think of a better place to finish out the year and begin 2015 anew than in Belize. But don’t take our word for it – come see for yourself, and you’ll quickly realise why so many people have made Belize part of their annual holiday tradition. Chances are you will too.

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