6 Belize Jungle Adventures from Chaa Creek’s Nature Reserve!

6 Belize Jungle Adventures from Chaa Creek’s Nature Reserve


The Lodge at Chaa Creek has the reputation as Belize’s “Destination within a destination” because there’s so much to do right here and with an emphasis on healthy activities and meals using fresh ingredients from our Maya organic farm, locally raised livestock and seafood from Belize’s pristine Caribbean coast, people of all ages can enjoy amazing exciting adventures.

If you are interested in exploring the lush Belizean jungle in one destination here are a few of many adventures found within Chaa Creek’s 365 acre Nature Reserve:

1.  Natural History Museum and Butterfly Exhibit Tours

Chaa Creek - March 2013

natural-history-center-belize-chaa-creekThe Chaa Creek Natural History Centre, situated at the top of the hill behind the cottages, takes students and visitors along a fascinating time line, which begins with prehistoric land formation through to the shifting of the continents. Visitors are able to see the movement of life in Belize through the ages; from Mayan temples in the steaming jungle to modern day traditional healers.  The tour continues with a visit to the Butterfly exhibit where the Blue Morpho Butterfly also known as the “Belizean Blue” can be observed during every stage of their life cycle. Be prepared to be amazed!

2. Belize Rainforest RTV Safari Tours


The beauty of Chaa Creek’s Rainforest Safari is the convenience and affordability of this rather awesome motorized trek into Belizean landscapes not often visited by the casual traveller.  This is a jungle experience not to be missed, with an RTV carrying guests along rainforest trails to a cohune ridge and through broadleaf forests that support a wide variety of wild and bird life. We remember seeing a tapir near there years ago, and you’ll definitely want to pack a camera and binoculars, as Chaa Creek’s guides have an uncanny knack for spotting things most people would miss.

3. Canoe Tours


With the pristine Macal River gently flowing past Chaa Creek’s front door and a fleet of well-maintained canoes at your disposal, canoeing is one of the activities at that consistently delights guests of all ages. Even people who have never been in a canoe before discover just how enjoyable this age-old pastime is.

4. Horseback Riding Tours


Chaa Creek maintains a stable of well-groomed riding horses that are suited for all levels of riding experience. Our guided rides traverse the trails of the Chaa Creek Nature Reserve through sub-tropical broadleaf forest past ancient Belize Mayan Ruins. As you ride along, your naturalist guide will highlight the various unique plant and wildlife species native to the reserve. Optional rides to the Maya Organic Farm may also be arranged.

 5. Bird Watching Tours

Belize-Bird-Watching-tours-inlandWith 308 species of resident and migratory birds, the Chaa Creek Nature Reserve offers some of the best bird watching in Belize. Our Early Morning Bird Watching tour will take you around our 365 private acre nature reserve where professional naturalist guides, who are trained and knowledgeable birders, will assist you in spotting many of the tropical avian species that abound in western Belize. Daily guided birding tours are also offered to different nature reserves around the Cayo District.

6. Miss Macal Safari Tours


Enjoy a Macal River Safari on the “Miss Macal”, a traditional Belizean John-boat that once plied Belize’s rivers and Caribbean coast during the country’s pirate past, and gourmet picnics in lush rainforest settings with ancient Maya temples.

Visit Chaa Creek’s Website for more on-site activities and Belize adventure tours.

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