25 Celebrities Who Have Vacationed at Belize’s Chaa Creek

Belize, A Celebrity Vacation Destination!

Belize has rapidly become a celebrity vacation destination. With its breathtaking beaches, stunning waterfalls, impressive Maya Ruins, large coral reefs, and fantastic snorkeling and diving who wouldn’t want to visit this tiny country in Central America.

And if you want to get pampered and treated like royalty in between climbing Maya ruins or exploring the lush jungle of Belize, the Lodge at Chaa Creek is the place for you. Even Prince Harry and Bill Gates think so, as they both stopped by during visits to Belize.  In addition to them, we have had the pleasure of hosting many more well-known celebrities at The Lodge at Chaa Creek. Here we have listed a few of them:

1. Tamera Mowry-Housley (Actress)tamera housley in Belize

Together with her husband Adam, and son Aden Tamera visited Chaa Creek in March of this year.  This is how she describes her trip on her Tamera Mowry Blog:

“Adam, Aden and I just got back from the trip of a lifetime, to Belize! I knew Adam had a babymoon planned but I never could have expected just how relaxing it would be. Believe me, there is nothing like travel to really put things in perspective for you. You get time to relax, reflect, immerse yourself in a different culture and distance yourself from whatever is going on at home.” – Tamera

2. Joseph D. Reitman (Actor)

3. Helen Mirren ( Actress)


4. Tracy Ulman ( Actress)


5. Cyndi Lauper (Singer)


6. Prince Henry (Harry) of Wales ( Royal Family of the United Kingdom)Prince-Harry-In-Belize

On March 2nd 2012 we had the privilege of hosting Prince Harry at our beautiful eco resort – The Lodge at Chaa Creek. Prince Harry was in Belize as part of a Diamond Jubilee tour in honor of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, who is celebrating 60 years on the throne.

The following letter was written to the Governor General and the People of Belize by Prince Harry:

“Thank you for such a warm and friendly welcome to such a beautiful country. In only 23 hours, I feel as though I have seen so much of Belize through the thousands of people who lined the way. I am hugely grateful for the very happy memories, and I’m very sad to leave. I will pass on your good wishes to my grandmother, our Queen, on her Diamond Jubilee.

Tenk yu,
[‘Thank you’ in Kriol]


7. Bobby Kennedy, Jr. (American radio host, activist)


8. Cameron Diaz ( Actress)


9. Stella Parton (Dolly Parton’s sister)


10. Bill Gates Family

Bill Gates and family2

We were very pleased that the Gates chose to send their young children to Chaa Creek as it shows not only that our beautiful location and range of attractions and activities are attractive to a discerning clientele, but that our commitment to the safety, security, and privacy of our guests is well recognised.

11. Steve Irwin (Television Personality)


12. David Meerman Scott (online marketing strategist/author)Lucy Fleming and David Meerman Scott pose for a photograph in August 2014!

We were most happy to have David Meerman Scott, his mom Carolyn and his lovely wife Yukari Watanabe Scott visit Chaa Creek on August 25 2014. David is an established keynote speaker and author on digital marketing strategies, pioneering inbound marketing and newsjacking. He has featured Chaa Creek in several of his books.

“I’ve travelled to 100 countries and territories and all seven continents. When I wanted to take my mother on a special trip, I chose to return to The Lodge Chaa Creek because it is that special.” – David Meerman Scott, Bestselling author of ten books.

13. Andre Gregory (actor)


14. Heidi Klum (model)


15. Brook Sheilds (actress/model)


16. David Gergen(News Anchor)


17. Jack Hannah ( Television Personality)


18. Mary Steenburgen ( Actress)


19. Thelma Aoyama ( Japanese Singer)


20.  Lesley McGuire (Irish actress)

Irish actress (In black) Lesley McGuire stays with us and enjoys western Belize. She played Jenny Delaney/Quinnan in The Bill and she has also appeared in Kavanagh QC, Silent Witness, Doctors and Shameless

 Lesley McGuire

21. Ai Carina Uemura (Japanese Singer)


22. Ted Danson and wife (Actor)


23. Jennifer Beals ( Actress)


24. Senator Carl Levin (Politician)


25. John Mcafee (founder of McAfee)

It’s nice that we’re attracting so many famous people, and we also want to make sure we maintain what it is about Belize that makes people want to come here in the first place.

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