Belize: 5 Undeniable Reasons Why You Won’t Ever Want To Leave

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  1. 5 Undeniable Reasons Why You Won't Ever Want To Leave Belize!
    1. 1. Timeless Adventures
    2. 2. Contagious local language
    3. 3. Addictive foods
    4. 4. Easily transmissible attitude
    5. 5. Quaintly unassuming

5 Undeniable Reasons Why You Won’t Ever Want To Leave Belize!

Staying and vacationing in Belize is tons of fun. One might even say it’s too much of it, though the validity of that concept could and should be questioned. There’s a lot to do here, even more to see and a multitude of experiences to have; enough to keep you here for a long time. With all that happens here, it’s no wonder some visitors never want to leave!

Here are 5 things that will make you not ever want to leave Belize:

1. Timeless Adventures


Upon arriving at a destination it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options available for your engagement.

Curiously, many times the attractions you come upon somewhere are slight variations of another attraction you’ve met before, but still different enough to be unique. Belize isn’t a large country by any standard at just 8,867.2 mi², but its size and uniqueness is something we are thankful for.

There’s literally no space for anything to repeat itself which lends Belize to be a place filled with absolutely one-of-a-kind everything. You might be thinking – There are a few hundred Mayan Ruins, how is that one of a kind? – easy, no two temple sites are the same; you’re guaranteed a different layout and different story at each, so don’t skip one just because you have seen another.

Belize is also home to the longest stretch of coral reef on this side of the planet, accompanied by a limestone sinkhole in the middle of the sea and coral-walled atolls off the coast.

The adventure scene in Belize is vast and ever evolving, what you see this year will quite likely be bigger and better if you come back after a while, and really – it’s always a good time to come back to Belize.

2. Contagious local language

The official language here is English, many of us speak Spanish as a secondary language, and some of us just either or – maybe even something else.

One thing that we all universally understand and speak is Kriol. Kriol to us is a common code, an expressive yet laidback form of verbal expression full of euphemisms and quirky sayings that lighten up the day to day small talk. Never is there an awkward “Nice weather we’re having” because due to the language and the nature of our culture there are so many other interesting things to say to someone you may not even know.

Though, we must admit if you’re thinking the quintessential “yah mon!” that you see on tv you’re in for quite the surprise.  Not that we don’t have a similar phrase, but that’s Jamaica’s thing – and frankly, kriol is much too cool to have just one iconic thing.

Kriol is most essentially a pidgin language, that has grown so thick on Belizeans that the Creole counsel formalized its structure. It’s ridiculously easy to pick up, the majority of the words are derived directly from, or still are English, and it’s spoken with so much gusto that you’ll definitely be asking “weh d goan?!” before long.

3. Addictive foods

If you can’t yet imagine what the word attractive food is, go follow this Instagram account or this one or maybe even this one. You definitely have got the picture now… literally.

Belize is sort of like the precipice world of this region, and as such, there’s so much going on with the food scene here. We don’t have markets full of street vendors, or avenues full of upscale swanky restaurants like what you see on the travel channel in other places, but what we do have are intimate settings of culinary self-expression.

The Belizean diet is based around and almost solely comprised of comfort foods, hearty stews, hefty dishes of rice, stewed beans and an assortment of good domestic and game meat, soups that will heal your soul, or hangover, and desserts that will have you return for more. We went ahead and showed you all this good food, and now you’re in a swirl with no idea what to try – never fear, there’s a few quintessential must try foods while you’re here.

Anyone who has done more than 5 minutes worth of research has come across the phrase “Rice & Beans” and quite a few of you probably stopped and wondered how a dish may have come by such an ambiguous name. Really, that’s what it is at face value, rice and beans cooked together, but what makes it a dish are the accompaniments that Belizeans know in their hearts to be synonymous with the name, we won’t say more – google it :).

In addition to R&B, there’s Sere, Boil up, Escabeche, Relleno, Ceviche, Tamales, Belizean Barbeque and all manner of dishes that will have you wishing every hour were lunch hour.

Check out our TOP 9 BELIZE FOODS INFOGRAPHIC to get an idea of what you’re in for ;).

4. Easily transmissible attitude

Complimentary to, yet aside from the local language, is the local way of being in Belize.

As a collective, Belizeans are pretty laid back, we take life in strides and try to not let anyone see us sweat it.

The biggest benefit of having a general attitude like this is that you tend to not let life bring you down, and Belizeans are always happy to greet each other, even complete strangers.

Making eye contact for anything even resembling a second will earn you a smile and a polite nod of the head, if not a full-blown “Hey! yuh aright?”.

It’s that easy to make friends, just spare more than a passing glance. That Belizean-ness has been known to be wildly contagious and before long you’ll find yourself smiling and saying hey to almost everyone you pass by on the street. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out why we’ve been listed as one of the top happiest countries in the world.

5. Quaintly unassuming


That ever-present and quick to stick laid back friendliness that is (or should be) a trademark of true Belizeans is due in large part to the unassuming nature of everything/everyone here (for the most part).

Being just 36 years old as a sovereign nation, Belize was a humble colony and has really only just started its incline from developing nation into the stratospheres of society.

The entire nation is comprised of villages, small towns, and cities the size of towns – when compared to our neighbors.

There is still a tight sense of community everywhere in Belize, the small town “everyone knows everyone” phenomenon still exists and it contributes greatly to the personality that really at the core is Belize. Travelers often comment being made to feel like family in many places they go and if we must tell you a secret – that’s part of what we try to do.

These were just out favorite 5 reasons you won’t ever want to leave Belize. Surely – when you come yourself, there will be a lot more that are near and dear to your heart. If you’ve been let us know! What got you hooked?

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