A Happy Tropical Thanksgiving From The Lodge at Chaa Creek

Wishing our many friends around the world a happy, healthy and sumptuous Thanksgiving 2018

Mick, Lucy, and the ever-growing Fleming family, along with the management and staff of Chaa Creek, would like to wish our many friends around the world a happy, healthy and sumptuous Thanksgiving 2018.

Sometimes, in this busy world of ours, we forget to take time out to count our blessings, to pause and consider all those things we have to be grateful for.

So isn’t it great that at least one day a year is set aside to gather friends and family around a table brimming with food, drink and good cheer to acknowledge all the good things in life?

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We sure think so…

Here at Chaa Creek, surrounded by so much natural beauty and the company of delightful, interesting visitors from all around the world, we’re constantly reminded of how much we have to be thankful for.


November always brings to mind those early thanksgivings when Chaa Creek was a working farm, and Mick and Lucy would invite the neighbours over to give thanks for the help, advice and friendship they’d been given throughout the year. People would bring homemade tamales, fresh tortillas, chicken in various forms, and other delicacies – including the odd bottle of rum.


Our Thanksgiving dinners may have grown with the number and variety of dishes and guests, but we’ll always cherish those early gatherings around the rough-hewn table in that humble little house.

We also like knowing we’re carrying on a tradition Belize’s ancient Maya would recognise and approve of.

Yes, for thousands of years, in these same forests, Belize’s earliest inhabitants offered up thanks to their gods with rituals and feasting.

And, just like today, turkey and forms of pumpkins were featured on the Maya menu.

belize thanksgiving dinner 2018 chaa creek

It’s nice to know that, as we overindulge again this year, we’re carrying on traditions thousands of years old. And, each in our own way, we’ll be offering up our heartfelt thanks for all that we’ve been blessed with over the years.

And that includes you – our many friends and visitors who continue to make Chaa Creek what it is, and make living and working here such a joy.

So, once more, from our extended family to you and yours:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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