Healthy Activities, Great Spas, Yoga, Wellness, and Exquisite Dining – Welcome To Chaa Creek’s Healthy Belize Vacations

The ancient Romans had an expression for it:

Mens sana in corpore sano,


a healthy mind in a healthy body

And now Chaa Creek has a name for vacations inspired by that wise old saying – Healthy Belize.

The Healthy Belize concept came together while learning and practicing yoga with Chaa Creek’s new inhouse yoga instructor. With over 25 years as a practitioner and teacher in yoga and other disciplines such as Qigong, TP Paz quickly had us and some of our guests working on achieving that all-important mind/body balance.

belize healthy vacations yoga at chaa creek

It’s working so well for us that we were inspired to extend the healthy mind/ healthy body

Walking about in nature, breathing fresh air, drinking pure water, getting exercise through guided nature walks, birding, canoeing tranquil tropical rivers, climbing ancient Maya temples, dining on meals with fresh produce sourced from our organic farm, going to sleep serenaded by soft jungle sounds and waking to bird song … it all contributes to a feeling of wellbeing.

chaa creek healthy belize vacations hiking

Add in something like yoga or a calming spa massage, and it really clicks.

So don’t be surprised if you hear more about Chaa Creek vacations that emphasise the Healthy Belize concept this year.

For example:

Chaa Creek’s Hilltop Spa is well known and highly regarded as much for the professional care it offers as its stunning location. There’s something about looking out on the distant Maya Mountains and being surrounded by a living rainforest…


Meanwhile, our friends and Unique Hotels of Belize partners, the Naïa Resort and Spa, offer a full-service spa situated on a beautifully tranquil lagoon inside the Placencia Peninsula on Belize’s southern Caribbean coast.

Now, what if, during one seamless all-inclusive Belize vacation, you could enjoy both resorts and spas, effectively combining a jungle lodge adventure with a Caribbean beach holiday – all with an emphasis on health and wellness?

healthy belize vacations naia resort spa massage

Welcome to the Caribbean Beach & Inland Adventure Vacation Package.

To effortlessly go from Chaa Creek’s 400- acre private nature reserve to the sandy beaches of Belize’s southern coast while enjoying two of Belize’s best resorts and spas is another one of those “only in Belize” experiences.


From pickup at Belize’s international airport until drop off, you can be confident of always being in the same good hands. With Chaa Creek Inland Expeditions’ highly trained naturalist guide drivers making sure you and your baggage have an enjoyable, informative and safe trip between stops (including a complimentary visit to the Belize Zoo) and a local flight from Placencia back to Belize’s international airport included in the all-inclusive vacation package, you’ll arrive home relaxed in body, mind and spirit.


And really, isn’t that what a vacation is all about?

With a Healthy Belize vacation, relaxation is a given, as are exciting activities, incredible dining, impeccable service and professional spa experiences that rival anything on the planet.

Contact your favourite travel agent, or better yet, The Lodge at Chaa Creek directly, and ask about Healthy Belize vacations.

As another ancient Roman poet said:

Bis vivit qui bene vivit

(He lives twice who lives well)

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