Good News – Travel Restrictions Are Further Eased In Belize

Chaa Creek visitors can enjoy a great Belize vacation as well as comforting peace of mind

More good news for Belize tourism was recently announced during  a government virtual press conference held October 16th.

During the conference, Belize’s Prime Minister, the Hon Dean Barrow, announced that requirements regarding Belize’s “Safe Travel Corridor” will be relaxed, allowing for:

  • More freedom of movement between Gold Standard Certified* businesses
  • Depending on a restaurant’s square footage, more than ten (10) diners will now be allowed inside, as long as social distancing is maintained. Same-party reservations must be limited to ten people.
  • Restriction on car rentals will also be eased, allowing visitors to hire a vehicle from an airport provider, but with the proviso that:
    • Travelers submit an itinerary that they will adhere to, and the vehicle carries a GPS device to record movements 
photo of pina colada cocktail at the guava limb cafe restaurant in san ignacio
pina colada cocktail at the guava limb cafe restaurant in san ignacio

The Prime Minister also clarified that limiting travel to stay within the Tourism Safe Corridor is now a “recommendation” rather than requirement.

Previously, when Belize’s international airport opened on the first of October, tourists were required to remain on the property of their Gold Standard Certified hotel or resort for the duration of their visit, except for specified tours and activities. All travel, however, was restricted to the Tourism Safe Corridor.

aerial photo of Chaa Creek's luxury ix chel villas and the surrounding rainforest

Now that those requirements are eased, visitors can enjoy more freedom of movement.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s fulltime Health and Safety Officer, Brion Young, hailed the announcement as a step in the right direction, and predicted that, if visitors and locals obey the new regulations, further easing of restrictions may follow.

chaa creek bartender with cocktails and face mask on

“Since Belize’s international airport was reopened on the first of October this year, the government was been continually evaluating and reviewing the protocols it put in place.

“Everyone’s wellbeing is the number one priority, followed by our visitor’s enjoyment. This means having common sense procedures in place that have the least impact on guests’ experience.

Big Rock Waterfalls in the Mountain Pine Ridge

“It’s now up to all of us to do the right thing, and I’m confident that everyone will. We’ve done a great job in making Belize a healthy, safe travel destination, and you can see our progress in the gradual yet continual easing of necessary restrictions,” Mr Young said.

Further updates concerning the easing of travel restrictions are expected to be announced next week, Mr Young said.

chaa creek staff preparing for gold standards operations
Chaa Creek staff preparing for gold standards operations

“Of course, international and local travel regulations are tied to this global pandemic, and therefore subject to change.

“That’s why it’s important to check for updates – at the Chaa Creek website and especially at when planning a trip,” Mr Young cautioned.

“But the good news is that we are seeing progress, and visitors can be confident that, from the time we pick them up at Belize’s international airport until we deliver them back, they can relax and enjoy a full Belize vacation in safety and comfort.


“That’s a promise we take very seriously,” Mr Young added.*The Lodge at Chaa Creek and its transport and tours division, Chaa Creek Inland Expeditions, are both government Gold Standard Certified, meaning they continually meet an ongoing, rigorous screening process to ensure that all staff,  accommodations, amenities and vehicles meet scrupulous health and hygiene requirements.

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