Holiday Wishlist: Why Belize Should Be on It

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  1. Spend A Warm Winter In Belize
  2. A Cultural Christmas
  3. Mouthwatering Feasts
  4. Exhilarating Adventures
  5. Belize's Immersive Landscape

Sipping hot cocoa, cozying up to a fireplace, and reading Christmas stories. This is the image of winter most of our Northern friends know and love. But what if winter could consist of tropical palms, sea-salt breeze, and lush rainforests?

Picture a vacation that entails going out instead of shutting in, spending your days exploring a summery environment instead of shivering in a frigid one. If you’re seeking an active and warm winter vacation, Belize surely fits the bill.

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With its sun-kissed climate and lively people, it is the ideal destination for a superb winter destination. To help convince you, we have compiled the best of what makes Belize deserving of being on your Christmas wishlist.

Spend A Warm Winter In Belize

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While winter is usually bogged down with snow and icy winds, Belize’s temperature rarely goes below 60 degrees fahrenheit in December, making it the perfect weather for relaxing. The country’s only discernible seasons are the dry and rainy seasons. Luckily, the rainy spell ends in November, right on time for the holidays, making Belize a suitable choice for a vacation spot in December.

You can traipse through the scenery Belize has to offer while also feeling its cool breeze on your skin. No need to worry about heavy winter coats and thick boots, all you need to pack are your warm weather attires and the occasional hoodie.

A Cultural Christmas

deer dance belize maya mestizo tradition christmas

Imagine a vacation where you can learn and experience a multitude of traditions a small but mighty society has.

Each culture keeps the flame of its people alive in various ways, especially during traditional holiday events like a Belizean Christmas. For instance, the Mestizo culture celebrates nine nights in Christmas called the “Posada.” They go from house to house seeking shelter like Mary and Joseph did way back when. Be transformed back in time and you will feel a sense of respect at the depth of this practice.

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In San Antonio Village and other Maya communities in the Toledo District, the Maya deer dance is a sight to see and a once-in-a-lifetime event. The vibrant and ancient dance incorporates the current Maya ceremonies and customs. The deer dance depicts the harmonious interaction between humans and the environment, with dancers carefully clothed in masks symbolizing both. The beauty and sounds of the marimba, a classic percussion musical instrument, flood the air.

deer dance christmas belize

The Garinagu people in southern Belize hold a vibrant and festive traditional dance every year called the “Jankunu.” It entails much singing and dancing that will have you moving to the beat alongside the performers.

belize jankunu christimas tradition garifuna

These are only a few of the many holiday traditions Belize has. Each one is sure to change something within you and leave you astounded.

Mouthwatering Feasts

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Traditional “Dirty Rice” and baked chicken

Just like each culture has its own practices, they all have their own exquisite cuisines. Christmas time in Belize means no one cheaps out when creating a feast.

Taste something entirely novel in what Mestizos call their Mechado soup. Olives, raisins, and capers swim in a tangy broth made of vinegar and saffron.

mechado mestizo soup belize web
Traditional Mechado Mestizo Soup. Photo by

If you’re not a soup person, try the traditional staple of “dirty rice” and baked chicken. Getting its name from its brown color, dirty rice is made from mushrooms, french onions, and beef consomme. The sides are always a treat, with potato salad, cranberry sauce and even stuffing to complement each other.

There are always different variations to these two dishes, and much more to sample on a holiday in Belize.

Exhilarating Adventures

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Winter in Belize calls for the best time to book thrilling experiences. Whether you’re looking for heart-jolting adventure or just some plain jungle-addled down time, Belize caters to any preference.

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With the fresh atmosphere, doing outdoor activities becomes easier to enjoy and leads you to be active while on vacation. You can choose to hike in the rainforests, canoe along a wildlife-peppered river and forest bathe at an eco-resort. The Lodge at Chaa Creek in the Cayo district offers all these tempting experiences and more. Whether you choose to traverse through Chaa Creek’s 400-acre reserve, or simply want to unwind by a tranquil poolside.

Belize’s Immersive Landscape

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Belize embodies some of the most breathtaking sights a country has to offer. It’s remarkable that such a small country possesses such distinct landscapes not that far from each other.

If you’re craving a luscious scenery and a thriving rainforest to surround you, Belize’s Cayo district is where to explore. A place made for exploration, you can achieve an astonishing view from the top of Chaa Creek’s private reserve.

aerial photo of xunantunich belize mayan ruins on family vacation
El Castillo Temple at Xunantunich

A history nerd or love learning about ancient civilizations? Seek one of the best views that comes with climbing a Maya temple. Conquer Xunantunich’s 40 meter high “El Castillo” and appreciate the Maya’s valiant efforts on creating spectacular empires. After these adventures, enjoy a gorgeous sunset on a beach, like Placencia in Stann Creek or Ambergris Caye. Embrace the warm skies and cool breeze to celebrate your hard earned rest. Each of these vistas offer something different –  each one definitely worth it.

If all these traits make up your ideal holiday destination, check out our exclusive offers to to kickstart your Belize winter vacation. Make sure to book well in advance as you won’t be the only one having Belize on your wishlist. To help you get started, send us an email at reservations[at]

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