Greener Is Cleaner! Our River Clean-Up Campaign Is Back

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  1. Chaa Creek's River Clean-up Campaign Is Back
  2. The Macal River Is The Lifeline To Many Communities
  3. One From The Archives!
  4. This Year's River Cleanup Campaign
  5. Thank you team!

Chaa Creek’s River Clean-up Campaign Is Back

The river clean-up crew answered the call when it came via email; such are the charms of the modern world to gather and bring back this much-needed regenerative initiative. After a two-year hiatus, our river clean-up campaign kick-started at 8 am at the banks of the upper Macal River.

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The Macal River Is The Lifeline To Many Communities

The Macal River is the lifeline of many communities that depend on its fresh waters to do daily activities such as cleaning, cooking, washing, bathing, etc. It also contributes to providing a healthy ecosystem for flora and fauna to thrive, for humans to enjoy water-based activities, and not to forget its ever primary role in providing water for crops and livestock.

With no shortage of dedication to the environment, the 11 volunteers consisting of team members from our culinary team, maintenance team, naturalist guides & adventure connoisseurs prepared for the 5-mile journey in vibrant red canoes. 

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As they headed downstream, items such as plastic bottles, glass pints, plastic bags, and take-out food containers became prominent where human activity was evident. According to research, the world is producing twice as much plastic waste as two decades ago, with the bulk of it ending up in landfills, incinerated, or leaking into the environment, and only 9% being successfully recycled. 

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One From The Archives!

The river clean-up campaign initiative began in July 2004 and has since continued. It derived from the interest to help maintain healthy waterways from Chaa Creek to San Ignacio Town, which would benefit the environment, waterways and local communities.

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This Year’s River Cleanup Campaign

The team collected over ten industrial-sized garbage bags, all filled to the brim with “stuff that doesn’t belong in the environment.” We believe that such actions encourage Belizeans to take action to keep our environment clean. It also highlights our efforts and demonstrates how deeply we care about our environment to our international visitors. Belize has earned a commendatory global reputation for its environmental awareness and sustainable tourism model. We plan to keep it that way. 

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Thank you team!

For showing that remarkable passion for our many green initiatives at The Lodge at Chaa Creek

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For more on our sustainable practices visit our website.

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