The Belize Birding Festival Returns with A Loud Call!

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  1. 2023 Belize Birding Festival Unfolds
  2. Belize As A Birding Destination: 
  3. Where to Stay: 

2023 Belize Birding Festival Unfolds

On Saturday, October 7th, 2023, the much anticipated Belize Birding Festival occurred at Belize City. It Started with a session of rural birding at the heart of the City that led to the main event at the Old Belize Jungle Pavilion, where Birders and guests from all over the country gathered. 

Belize Birding Festival Chaa Creek

The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s expert birders packed and prepared to head to Belize’s Old Capital to participate in this yearly event.

Belize Birding Festival Chaa Creek

They participated in the Rural Early Morning Session, spotting and identifying birds that live near the sea, such as shorebirds and seabirds.

Belize Birding Festival Chaa Creek

While also spotting birds that now call home the bustling City, such as Woodpeckers, Doves, and the ever present Melodious Blackbirds.

Belize Birding Festival Chaa Creek

Shortly after the morning session, they headed to Old Belize’s Jungle Pavilion to set up alongside Eco hotels, NGOs such as P.A.CT, Conservation Organizations such as the Belize Audubon Society, local businesses selling hand made items, and educational institutions such as the University of Belize. 

Belize Birding Festival Chaa Creek

The event started with the Keynote Speaker’s address from Katinka Domen, a prominent female birder advocating for the participation of more females in the field.

Belize Birding Festival Chaa Creek

She was followed by a panellist discussion composed of local birding experts discussing emerging trends and opportunities in Birding Tourism.

Belize Birding Festival Chaa Creek

After a short lunch break, workshops that included storytelling through photography and women in birding finalized the segment. 

With over 100 attendees, it’s safe to say that the Birding Festival took flight! Presenters, exhibitors, and birding enthusiasts made it a memorable day. Each booth had plenty of information to share, birding-inspired games, fun prizes, and grand raffles.

Belize Birding Festival Chaa Creek

Chaa Creek’s booth comprised of four Birding experts: Leonso, Kevlin, David, and Seleni, all cheerfully welcomed the visitors and took the opportunity to catch up with friends. 

Belize Birding Festival Chaa Creek

Belize As A Birding Destination:

Belize is home to over 590 bird species, so it’s safe to say that the 8,867 sq miles country is a paradise for Bird watchers. It is also important to note that Belize is an important wintering ground for birds who stay here during the “Wintering Months.”

Belize Birding Festival Chaa Creek

Some Birding hotspots include Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Red Bank Village, and the Caracol Archaeological Reserve among others.

Where to Stay:

If this piece enticed you to explore Belize and its Bird species, we invite you to book a stay at The Lodge at Chaa Creek. This eco jungle hotel offers over 400 acres of private Nature Reserve and daily birding tours catered for you.

Contact them at [email protected] to book your Belize escape.

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