Easter in Belize | 7 Things You’ve Got To Do

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  1. Religious Festivities
  2. Cross Country Cycling Classic
  3. Easter Fair
  4. Egg Hunt
  5. Water Sports
  6. Maya Ruins
  7. Beach Days

Pretty much synonymous with “Spring Break”, Easter in Belize juxtaposes reverence with revelries as it closes an important religious season and opens Belizean summer. In Belize, Easter is a four day weekend, four and a half in some cases. Although those are days given for religious observance, well, who of us wouldn’t make the absolute most of such a long break?

Religious Festivities

Revelries aside, Easter is a pretty serious time of reverence for many Belizeans. In many communities re-enactments are held to commemorate Jesus’ suffering and eventual resurrection. 

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Some communities, as you would imagine, make no compromises and put on visually impressive displays of cultural an religious pride. 

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On the westernmost end of Belize, the usually sleepy town of Benque Viejo del Carmen erupts in bursts of wild color as the residents create beautiful colored sawdust art along the route of the processions that are to be held. Many of these bear religious references, and many more are beautiful for the sake of beauty. 

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In this same town, vivid re-enactments of the Bible’s telling of Jesus’ story are acted out in public over the 4 days. It’s a beautifully haunting experience to behold, and not something you want to miss if you’re here at the right time.

Cross Country Cycling Classic

With Monday not threatening the start of a new work week, Easter sunday becomes a prime candidate for some outdoor fun.

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The Cross Country race is exactly that; a 140 mile race, from Belize city, to San Ignacio and back. Initially this was a grueling endurance race, the highways weren’t developed as far as they are now. Development has made the way smoother, but no less challenging as racers now vie to be the fastest, not only for the race at large, but for the various station prizes along the way.

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Cutting through Belize’s central corridor makes for easy and natural speciation spots along the George Price highway. Belizeans from all over gather at their nearest or favorite spot to socialize and cheer the racers on.

Easter Fair

Easter is our spring break. Students from elementary to high school get a 2 week vacation from their curriculums. San Ignacio residents make the most of this free family time at the town fair that is last year was held at the banks of the Macal River.

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Speaking of food, did you know that’s the other best way to experience a people and their culture? At the fair you’ll find stall serving up all the local favorites. Seriously, from barbecue, to pizza, tamales to burgers, and the best part is the fair runs for multiple nights – so you don’t need to try it all in one go.

Egg Hunt

Easter may not sync perfectly with spring break as much as we like, but there’s so much for families to enjoy around this time that we think it’s worth the schedule change. The Lodge at Chaa Creek is well known for conscious travel, and family atmosphere, what better way is there to relax parents by entertaining the kids? 

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Guests staying at The Lodge during the Easter weekend are treated to an Easter egg hunt on the Sunday morning.

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Your kids are safe, as the hunt is kept to the central grounds, if you’re observant enough the bunnies who hid them will hint at where the Easter treats are!

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Booking early helps, check out availability for Easter here.

Water Sports

April, when Easter has recently been scheduled equates to summer in Belize. What are you to do in the balmy tropics? Simple, your enjoy the water. 

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As a culture, Belize loves all things water. Any sunny day is excuse enough for a trip to the river, or a lagoon, or the mountain streams, or the sea. As you’d imagine, a culture that’s so enthralled with water has found a myriad of things to do in and around it. 

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Inland you have river and cave tubing, this is of course, aside from just going for a normal swim. The cool waters of the rivers that flow through Belize will refresh you on even the hottest of days. If you prefer to be on the water rather than in it; you can go canoeing or take a notion tour. 

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Near the sea there’s about as much as you’d imagine as well. Snorkeling, diving, fishing, paragliding. If the world is your oyster, Belize is the Pearl.

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Maya Ruins

Clear skies and breezy days encapsulate Easter in Belize. With over 900 Mayan structures littered across the country, it would be a crime to miss some ancient exploration. 

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You can embark on a guided tour of some famous sites like Xunantunich or Caracol. One of those was a big rival city to the legendary Tikal, but if you want to find out which one, you’ll need to take the tour and let us know what you find out. 

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Seeing one is hardly a substitute for seeing all. Mayan settlements are so varied in layout that you’ll learn something different at each one. The energy and vibe of each of these sites is as unique to themselves as they are mystical. Do not miss. 

Beach Days

You can’t say ‘sun and fun’ without having ‘sand’ in the beginning right? Many think Belize is a Caribbean island, we’re not. Luckily for you were the best of both. A mainland with many Caribbean islands. You’ll find no famous beaches here – Belizeans like their local secrets. Public beaches are easy to find, but the real gems will be found off the beaten path. 

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Among the tiny uninhabited islands lie atolls and beaches the stuff of which you’ve only seen as CGI in a movie about a far off place. The bast part is, these areas are protected, and with the right guide you can tan, snorkel and swim on a beach none of your friends will find if you don’t take them yourself. 

Really though, there’s no such thing as a bad beach here. As with all things in Belize, there’s something for everyone. You just have to set out an find your something – with a little help from us.

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