Love Is In The Air: Where Nature Opens Your Heart

Love Is In The Air: Where Nature Opens Your Heart featured image

A millennia ago, a special young priest defied a law outlawing marriage for young soldiers in Rome. The priest – a romantic at heart – made the risky decision to continue marrying lovers in secret instead. This led to him … Read more

22 Great Reasons To Visit Belize In 2022

22 great reasons to visit belize in 2022 featured image with text

Looking for reasons to visit Belize in 2022? Here goes just a couple – 22 reasons to be specific. Get up close and personal with wildlife. It’s no secret Belize is teeming with unimaginable wildlife. Most of the time you … Read more

Here’s Why You Should Go Big In Belize In 2022

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Bucket lists were made for dream vacations, seemingly impossible goals, and doubled as a wishlist for if and when you won the lottery. There was no limit to what got a coveted spot on your prized list. But for many, … Read more

Why Belize Is Perfect For Transformational Travel

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As humans, we all inherently yearn for connection. Whether through our hobbies, other people, or by planting ourselves in a completely new destination like Belize. The past couple of years have made trying to connect — with people, places — … Read more

Our 40th Birthday Present To The Planet

Chaa Creek 40 birthday present to the planet

As we celebrate our 40th birthday, we ask you to join us in also celebrating the rise of sustainable, regenerative tourism in Belize and worldwide Birthdays are always a good time to look back over the years and review the … Read more

Chaa Creek’s 40th Birthday, Happy Thanksgiving

chaa creek's 40th birthday and thanksgiving 2021 cover photo

The party’s in full swing!  And, along with Chaa Creek’s November – long 40th Birthday festivities, we’re also celebrating another one of our favorite traditions: Thanksgiving at Chaa Creek Thanksgiving has been celebrated every November at Chaa Creek, ever since its … Read more

5 Ways To Achieve Total Wellness of Body & Mind in Belize

featured photo 5 ways to achieve mind and body wellness in belize in 2022

Few things on our green Earth are as important as our mental and physical well-being. The way we treat our body and mind reflects how we function in the world, fulfilling our dreams and passions. Whether through pursuing long-forgotten hobbies, … Read more

Why Book A Belize Vacation In 2022

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With a kaleidoscope of exotic marine life, invigorating flora and fauna, and the friendliest people, it’s no surprise Belize is on many folks’ bucket list. After the pause in travel last year, an insatiable thirst for the adventures this small … Read more

The Airlines Flying To Belize Right Now

graphic cover of airlines flying to belize in 2021 quarter 4 with text on it

Belize may only have one major international airport, but it still receives a flurry of flights filled with passengers excited to explore the tropical destination every day. When the country reopened for leisure travel a year ago, wanderlusters wasted no … Read more

5 Ways A Belize Vacation Can Benefit Your Wellbeing

5 Ways A Belize Vacation Can Benefit Your Wellbeing featured image

The conversation around work-life balance and mental wellness has been on the rise as more folks begin to prioritize their mental well-being in a time of pandemic-induced stress. Travel has always been an escape, and with 2022 lurking nearby on … Read more

Why Belize Is One Of The Best Places To Visit In December

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With Belize being a tropical destination that’s also tucked into Central America, its consistent year-round weather is covetable. The Massachusetts-sized country has only two seasons – wet and dry – which means there is no frigid winter to run away … Read more

5 Spooky Activities To Do In Belize For Halloween

5 Spooky Activities to do in Belize for Halloween featured image

With the end of summer comes the much-awaited favorite fall festivity of Halloween. Belize may not celebrate the pagan holiday in the exact ways our North Americans friends do, but there are still ways Belizeans commemorate the spooky season. For … Read more

Why Visiting Belize in September is Special

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Why would you want to visit Belize in September? Like many other Caribbean nations, Belize uses any excuse to throw vivacious festivals and parades. However, the ones in September are completely warranted as this is the month the party-meter reaches … Read more

Top 6 Day Trips From San Ignacio Belize

Top day trips from san ignacio belize featured image

As the adventure capital of Belize, Western Belize is chock-full of exhilarating activities to get the heart pumping. San Ignacio is the central hub when it comes to checking each Belize experience off your bucket list. Located only a couple … Read more