Belize+Culture+Food=Chaa Creek

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Okay, call us name droppers, but we do like seeing Belize in the overseas press. And even better when it’s a mention in the majors. And, as our faithful readers know, we’re foodies with a capital F. Okay – make … Read more

A Tasty Win at “Taste of Belize” 2018

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A Tasty Win at “Taste of Belize” 2018: Junior Chef of the Year As Nouvelle Belizean Cuisine comes into its own, our local chefs are shining brighter Congratulations to Rojel Ian Lisbey, who took home a first place win as … Read more

Mayan Food: 9 Awesome Dishes You Should Try!

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Here Are 9 Awesome Mayan Foods You Should Try! Food is awesome. That is a fact that is not up for debate. Anyone, even the strictest of dieters will tell you that food is great. Mayan food, arguably more awesome … Read more

Best restaurants in San Ignacio Belize

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If you’ve ever found yourself at a loss as to which restaurant to visit for good food in San Ignacio Belize, we’ve got you covered! San Ignacio, the other half of the “Twin Town” duo, separated from Santa Elena by a river … Read more

San Pedro Belize Restaurants: Top 8 You Should Try! (2022 Update)

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Looking for the best places to eat on Ambergris Caye? Check out our top 7 favourite San Pedro Belize Restaurants – insider tips and favourite dishes. The town of San Pedro boasts some of the most diverse and interesting dining delights in Belize, check them out here!

Belize Food: Chef Edward Mendoza raises the bar!


New training by a star chef Edward Mendoza will transport Belize Food at Chaa Creek to a “whole new level” We’ve just received word that The Lodge at Chaa Creek has engaged the services of globetrotting and internationally renowned Chef Edward … Read more

#1 Authentic Belizean Fry Jack Recipe!

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How to make Belize Fry Jacks – Authentic Belize Food Staple! They say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and Belizeans take this very serious. One of the more popular and mouth-watering breakfast meals in Belize includes … Read more

Belize Recipes: Mango Shrimp Ceviche!


Try this Mango Shrimp Ceviche! Fresh juicy Caribbean mangoes give this recipe a twist on the traditional Belizean Shrimp and Conch Ceviche recipe. This Belizean mango shrimp ceviche recipe is easy to make and can be ready to enjoy in a matter of minutes. … Read more

Belize The New Foodies Paradise? You Bet!


The rise of a new food culture in Belize – these fresh, organic ingredients, combined with creative flair, makes for one of the best dining experiences you’ll have anywhere! Learn what the trend is about!

6 Delicious Food choices in Belize to eat like a local!


There you go. People have their own favorites, but I don’t think there will be much argument over these 6 best foods that Belize has to offer. In the coming weeks we’ll be posting some more dishes and actual Belize cooking recipes, so that wherever you are in this world, you can enjoy the best of Belize at home. So stay tuned and happy dining!

Six of the Best – Some Classic Dishes from Belize

When people think of Belize, the first things that usually come to mind are the world class dive sites, the pristine rainforests, the remnants of the vast Maya Empire dotting the landscape, and the warm friendly smiles of the Belizeans

Food is an Essential Part of the Adventure in Belize

Food is an Essential Part of the Adventure in Belize

In order to survive in the increasingly competitive tourism industry, even the most remote resorts must pay careful attention to their kitchens as travellers are placing greater emphasis on a quality dining experience, the food and beverage manager of a popular Belizean eco resort advises. Bryony Fleming Bradley, of The Lodge at Chaa Creek in western Belize, said that the days of adventurous travellers being satisfied with food that was simply hot and palatable are over. ”Some years back, our guests would always comment at how happily surprised they were with the quality of the food we served, as it usually exceeded their expectations of what would be found in such a pristine location.

How to Make Rum Braised Lamb Shanks


How to make Rum Braised Lamb Shanks Chaa Creek’s Rum Braised Lamb Shanks with a Savory Sweet Potato Pie Serving for four (4) people Ingredients 4 Lamb shanks* 10 cloves chopped Garlic 10 leaves diced local oregano 12 piece crushed … Read more

How to Make Belizean Ceviche


Yesterday we shared with you one of our favorite Belizean recipes – Coconut Shrimps. Today we will share another recipe which is loved by many people the world over.The recipe is Belizean Ceviche and you can find the recipe below.