Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay#13

My husband and I first “discovered” Belize after he satisfied a Recreation Administration college course assignment with a report on Ambergris Caye.  Learning about the Belizean people, their amazing history and their love for the natural resources is what enticed us to visit this unique country.  What really stood out was how the local people turned the focus of their tourism industry toward proper stewardship of the natural resources. 

One year later, in February of 2005, we were on Ambergris surrounded by 50 of our family members and closest friends as we promised our eternal love to each other! 

Since our wedding we’ve been back every year, but we have yet to explore the jewels of the inland ecosystems.  So what makes me want to leave the islands and venture inland?  I want to feel the diversity of the Belizean rainforest.  I want to hear the howler monkeys sing in the trees.  I want to watch the birds as they dance in the sky.  I want to nap with the iguanas.  I want to watch spiders spin their webs.  I want to float in a cave and see droplets of calcium carbonate hang from stalactites and drop to stalagmites.  I want to learn how the rainforest was different during the Maya rule.  I want to learn how it was the same.  I might even want to fly over the forest on a zip line, but I’m not sure yet!  I want to do yoga in the rainforest.  I want my 18 month-old daughter to appreciate mother earth in its natural form.

But, what really makes me want to visit the Lodge at Chaa Creek, is the people.  I love Belizean people!  They are kind, family-oriented and happy people and that is why I will always feel at home when I am far from home, in Belize.

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