Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay#27

My husband and I were lucky enough to travel Belize this past summer and were simply captivated by the country and its people.  We did get to spend part of our trip at Chaa Creek and when we arrived my husband’s first words to me were “where in the world did you find this place?”  The property was just simply amazing.  From the beautiful landscaping to the immaculate cottages to the refreshing pool.  It was the vacation that we dreamed of and needed to take ourselves away from our hectic paced real world.  While at Chaa Creek we were able to enjoy wonderful food and the incredibly friendly staff.  By the time we left, we felt like they knew us so well!   

We went on trips to Tikal and the ATM cave which were experiences that we’ll never forget.  We enjoyed the peaceful walk down to the river and couldn’t believe the size of the bamboo that lined the River Trail!   We enjoyed the Medicinal Trail and the Butterfly Farm, learning more about Blue Morpho Butterflies than one could imagine!   

At night, lying in our hammocks on the patio of our cottage, we were astounded by the number of stars we could see.  It was mesmerizing!  The background noise of the cicada’s made for a peaceful evening. 

How could we not want to come back…but this time, instead of just showing our children pictures and telling them about it in emails from the computer center and in stories when we came home…we would love to share the beauty of Belize with our kids.  It is a country and a resort that they would love and that we would love for them to experience first hand.

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