Vacation Sweepstakes – Essay#35

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.
Thomas Merton

Balance in life is a constant struggle. Whether it’s balancing work with family life, wants with needs, or progress with nature, I am constantly looking for balance in my life. When I feel in balance, I feel a sense of calm, peace, and happiness. And with that positive energy I am motivated to give myself to the world- listen to a friend in need, volunteer, nurture my family, stand up for the issues I believe in, and care for my community. But every day we are bombarded with negative forces that seek to throw our lives out of balance. Just turn on the evening news or think about the global issues the world is facing today. At times, it can be downright overwhelming. So, I strive to do my part. For me, that means keeping my own life in balance. I purge the stresses of life by gardening, exercising, enjoying nature, having coffee with a friend, or reading a book. This energizes me to bring positive change to my life and those around me. When I visited the Chaa Creek website, I was immediately struck by the beauty of Belize and the appreciation and respect that Chaa Creek gives to the natural gifts of the country. I also felt the sense of balance that Chaa Creek has achieved- eco adventure with comfort, relaxation with intellect, and the environment with sustainable business. I would like to visit Chaa Creek because I support the mission of balance that you strive to bring to your visitors. Chaa Creek puts people back in balance so that they may return home and forge positive change in their own lives and the world. To me, Chaa Creek is happiness!

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