Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#8)

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is one of the finest vacation destinations in Belize. Where else can you bask in the immersive experience of Belize’s beautiful, natural rainforest. The generous 365-acre natural preserve has been lovingly crafted and cared for to maintain its splendid ambience, while also affording the height of conventional resort luxury. 

A host of room accommodations are available to suit any traveler’s taste. Perhaps you care to defy gravity in one of the Lodge’s famous Treetop Suites, which are firmly nestled and supported amidst the mighty branches of local Redwoods, or perhaps a more conventional Spa Villa suits you, featuring a veranda with built-in Jacuzzi as well as professional massage treatments. Copious swimming polls are also available for the children. 

A wealth of adventurous options are waiting to accommodate all travelers, from those who prefer to longue indoors in their spacious rooms, to those intrepid individuals who wish to venture forth into the welcoming rainforests. Horseback riding and hiking trails are available which will take you through the winding paths of the natural reserve. Canoeing down the peaceful Macal River will allow you two hours of enjoyable scenery and a lively ecosystem. Finally, perhaps you would love to visit the highly acclaimed Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm, where you will have the opportunity to observe, interact with and learn more about the regions “Belizean Blue” butterflies. This is a prime destination spot for families, couples and anyone with a passion to learn about the environment and all its creatures. 

The Lodge at Chaa Creek prides itself on its awareness of the environment and its efforts to maintain the precious, delicate forests that have attained worldwide renown. 

For all manner of adventurer, traveler, and Green-minded individual, the Lodge and Chaa Creek awaits! It’s doors are open and await you and yours.

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