Why is Belize the best vacation destination?

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Why is The Lodge at Chaa Creek the best vacation destination in Belize? Two words: beautiful dichotomy.

Many of the best things in life — and in this world — are born from dichotomous extremes, and that’s certainly the case with your Conde Nast, Zagat and National Geographic-recognized resort.  To think of trip that swings back and forth between:
– horseback riding and hammocking
– hiking to the top of Maya temples and relaxing in the spa
– actively exploring the depths of Actun Tunichil Muknal and quietly observing the most exotic wildlife in the jungles of Belize
– swimming with dolphins and lounging around the Chaa Creek pool

It’s the perfect balance of yin and yang – or better yet, the perfect intersection of “wild” and “civilized.”

Beyond the lush natural setting, luxurious accommodations, proximity to cultural wonders and wide variety of activities, we also greatly respect and admire Chaa Creek’s commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.  A trip to your Belize resort would enable us to set foot in a pristine natural environment, while knowing we’re being responsible about our environmental footprint.

A trip to The Lodge at Chaa Creek would surely create memories we’d treasure for the rest of our lives.  And as a couple that personifies dichotomous extremes — a writer from Chicago and a graphic designer from Poland; an energetic thrill seeker and an at-ease intellectual — we know what’s possible when yin and yang meet!  We sincerely hope we’ll have a chance to experience the wild civilization of Chaa Creek.

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  1. My fiance and I are getting married in October and have been talking about a honeymoon in Belize. It would be a dream come true to be able to visit Chaa Creek!

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