Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#15)

My heart began to palpitate wildly as I looked upon the Chaa Creek website.

Belize IS where my heart longs to be!!!  The wildlife, the history, the many different people groups…Belize is truly a country of wonder and beauty and is a country that no one should be denied the opportunity of experiencing.

Looking at your beautiful Belize eco-resort and hotel and at the gorgeous accommodations and activities that your jungle lodge provides stirs up in me images of beautiful tropical flowers, towering trees, amazing wildlife and the countless adventures that await those that are blessed enough to visit Belize and  The Lodge at Chaa Creek will discover!!

I can picture myself and my family horseback riding through beautiful tropical rainforest, exploring ancient Mayan Ruins and temples, canoeing down the Macal River and dining on delectable cuisine in our own tropical paradise all while enjoying the sounds of exotic birds and howler monkeys in the treetops. And last, but not least–at the end of every evening  relaxing in our exceptionally comfortable accommodations and falling asleep in what has to be the most tranquil setting there is!!

I know that my husband would love mountain biking on the jungle trail, visiting a Mayan farm, exploring the Natural History Center or the butterfly farm–perhaps even catching a glimpse of an elusive manatee in the river!!  Chaa Creek would provide myself and my family with unmatched memories of an ideal vacation that would remain with us and that we would treasure forever!!  Memories of a place that we would forever long to return to again and again and that would also inspire and encourage others to visit Belize and Chaa Creek to experience this treasure themselves!!!

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