Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#26)

When I was in the 6th grade, I did a research report on Belize.  I spent months on that report, every day dreaming of it’s climate that was much unlike our own.  That was the year I met the man I’m going to marry.  Now, all these years later I find my mind returning to Belize.  It’s just another thing to tie me back to the roots of the relationship.
Years ago, when Bret was 10 and I was 11, we met at school.  We both loved travel, he in the form of road trips and I in the form of planning my dream trips around the world.  That year, my class went to Canada for a day and I was miserable.  Yes, there was a miniture museum, yes American money was worth more, but it wasn’t out of the ordinary; there is nothing exotic about Canada.  Years later, I still dreamed of going to Belize.
Fast forward to our engagement.  Bret was working as hard as he could to make ends meet, then he job went out of business.  I can’t work because I’m too busy with school.  I have to give it my all or I’ll never become the architect I’ve always dreamt of being.  So now, our $5,000 wedding budget is even coming in to question.  It’s looking like we’re not going to have a honeymoon now and I feel like it’s all my fault for pursuing my education more than this wedding.  Regardless of whether we win this or not, I’ll always dream that we spent our honeymoon in Belize.

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