Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#30)

Young Newlyweds Ache for Jungle Opportunity

As my fiance and I prepare to celebrate our promise of life together, we have found that our honeymoon would be lacking if we celebrated anywhere except Chaa Creek.  Having the opportunity to celebrate the beginning of our life together in this peaceful and serene Belize resort, would be our perfect start.  As young newlyweds, we would forever cherish the opportunity to enjoy this start in our life at this most luxurious and exotic resort.

With the expenses of a wedding, we are looking at having a very minimal honeymoon due to our lack of funds.  However, if we won this Belize vacation, we could easily afford to have the honeymoon of our dreams.  My future husband served in Iraq with the Marines and then put himself through college, so I want him to really get to enjoy this first vacation with me.  I found the Chaa Creek resort two months ago and placed it on our wish list for someday.  It would be incredible if that someday, only possible through this sweepstakes, was our honeymoon this summer.

I thank you for considering us in the Belize Vacation sweepstakes and cannot image the opportunity to explore the jungle, check out the wildlife, and be pampered at the best resort in Belize, all at the same time.  I would like to thank Chaa Creek Resort for this opportunity and hope to be visiting soon.

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