Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#33)

When I travel, I look to experience the destination COMPLETELY but not from a huge resort perspective. To me, “resorts” are merely anchored cruise ships. I prefer a location away from anything approximating this cookie-cutter approach to travel. I prefer to be away from the din,
enjoying the natural surroundings, in comfort.

Chaa Creek caters to my type of traveler: someone seeking activity while nestled in tranquility. I want to spend my days thoroughly engaged in the environment: diving, bird watching, hiking or cycling. If over-do it, I want the option to enjoy a spa treatment or two then recover by enjoying some cultural diversions.

I especially love discovering nature – even if that means I need to be a night owl. Sometimes that’s the only way to experience creatures like the jaguarondi. Chaa Creek offers so many unique adventure travel packages that you can keep coming back time and again and still be delighted and surprised anew by your new discoveries.

When the day is done though, I’m looking for a minimal of decent food. Sometimes that can be a problem for a vegetarian (like me).  Breakfast has options like yogurt and local tropical fruits. For lunch, I could choose pizza, pasta or from regional fare. Dinner – I can’t begin to describe except to say from all my international travels, Chaa Creek never presented a vegetarian dining challenge.

Chaa Creek is unique in that they have packages that combine experiences with peer accommodations. How great is it to have a destination you love scout out equal adventures throughout the country?

The one thing missing is an inside track to real estate because once you’ve vacationed at Chaa Creek you’re going to want to move to Belize. Then again, that might just put them out of business but they’d have more friends.

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