Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#35)

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is the best Belize vacation destination and here’s why.  When I sat down to plan our family vacation, it seemed like an impossible task — I had to please everyone in our family!  You see, tired Mom (that’s me!) wanted some pampering and rejuvenation.  My husband wanted excitement and activity on our getaway.  Vacation priorities of my two young sons involved exploring and swimming.  And all of us share a deep passion for discovering, learning about, and protecting, the beauties of nature.  We needed a vacation that would have it all, and enrich both mind and body.   So when I happened upon the website for the Lodge at Chaa Creek, wow, I knew that this was it!  Where else could we find a vacation destination that offered so much in one place ­ tasteful, comfortable accommodations; delicious and healthy cuisine; an amazing spa facility; and a wealth of exciting and educational activities all set amidst the beautiful rainforest of Belize.  This is clear ­ Chaa Creek offers a vacation of a lifetime!

Traveling with friends or family?  This is your place.  Seeking exciting exploration or pampered rejuvenation?  This is your jungle paradise.  Why is the Lodge at Chaa Creek the ideal vacation destination?  Because here all your desires in a dream vacation will be satisfied!  Guided nature hikes, visits to archaeological sites, horseback riding, an extensive array of spa services, stylish, spacious accommodations, culinary excellence, a beautiful swimming pool, spectacular flora and fauna in a 365-acre private nature reserve on the Macal River ­ they are all here.  The numerous prestigious tourism awards bestowed on the Lodge at Chaa Creek set it apart as a truly special place; the memories you make here will be treasured forever.

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