For the ultimate vacation Chaa Creek is my inspiration

For the ultimate vacation
Chaa Creek is my inspiration
A hunger is inside of me
A dream to travel, and to see
Unspoiled beauty of Belize
Basking in the tropical breeze!
Fun adventure would begin,
Unique culture soaking in
Mayan temples I would climb,
Imagining another time
With lightened heart, I’d explore
See new sights, experience more
Eco-tours, butterflies
Nature lovers paradise
Lush rainforest, its all here
Lovely tranquil atmosphere
Go upon a sunset sail
Hike along a jungle trail
Howler monkeys I’d espy
Through the treetops toucans fly
Awed by nature, mesmerized
Chaa Creek’s wildly civilized!
Snorkel on a barrier reef
Crystalline beyond belief
In a hammock I would swing
Listen to the bird life sing
Relax with a Belikin beer
Satisfied and filled with cheer
The pool, it seems to call to me
Dip into infinity
Swimming, my cares float away
Soaking in a perfect day
Languid, watching clouds float by
On a lounge chair I would lie
Indulge in sumptuous cuisine
Enjoy “al fresco” dining scene
Eat organic, farm fresh food
Heightening my sublime mood
On to the spa   I’ll go unwind
Revel in my peace of mind
Massage or facial, body wrap
Soon I’ll go on to a nap
When adventure calls my name
Cave tubing soon becomes my aim
Deep within this exploration
Ancient sites and large formations
Jaguar Paw, or Barton Creek
It’s hard to choose, they’re all unique
Horseback riding, I’ll traverse
A nature trail, lush and diverse
Mountain bike through the reserve
Ride with energetic verve
Local villages, I will roam
Memories to take on home
Unspoiled ambience, it enthralls
Chaa Creek Resort  has it all
A trip to cherish, you can see
This special place, it calls to me
Soul and spirit, I’d renew
Chaa Creek  make my dream come true!

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