Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#41)

To our friends at Chaa Creek Last May my wife and I spent four, days at the Lodge at Chaa Creek, and we will be going back, but this time with my grandkids!! We were a little apprehensive at going to Belize and into the “jungle”, but we quickly found out that Chaa Creek was easy to get to and very safe. It provided us with just the right mix of adventure, activity, solitude, and luxury that we had hoped to find. We (just the two of us) canoed about eight miles by ourselves through the rain forest from Chaa Creek to the town of St. Ignacio and we know the grandkids would just love that. We climbed Mayan ruins. We went on nature walks and learned about bugs, birds, and medicinal plants. We laid around the pool. We ate wonderful meals. We took outdoor showers. We met interesting people from around the world. Our idea of a family vacation is one that provides entertainment, education, and rest. Chaa Creek is right in the rain forest yet it provides a safe place to let the kids do there thing while grandma and grandpa relax, and it has the ecological orientation that definitely is both entertaining and educational to kids and adults. Is there anything more important to a family vacation than a swimming pool I could be by that pool and watch and listen to the forest for hours. We rate Chaa Creek as the most family friendly vacation choice one could make.

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