Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#48)

For the family or individual looking for an exotic vacation destination with a large variety of activity options and a land rich in both scenery and history, Chaa Creek has it all. Embarking on a journey to Belize’s Chaa Creek is to be immersed in the best of what the natural world presents. Whether you’re exploring the impressive caves of the Maya region, setting your eyes on the underwater world of the coral reefs, horseback riding through Belize’s 365-acre nature reserve, or relaxing in the invigorating accommodations of the spa, Chaa Creek will take you on a journey you will soon not forget.

Its appeal transcends from the adventure-seeking environmental enthusiast to the person who gets just as much enjoyment from being pampered through all senses. Chaa Creek will satisfy any traveler looking to get lost in an exotic location. No worries and the thrill of exciting adventures in beautiful, tranquil surroundings is what Chaa Creek is all about.

Why isn’t Chaa Creek the best vacation destination would be a harder question. Their professional and obliging staff serves their guest with the type of services that are on par with other notable resorts around the world; while the chance to be immersed in one of the world’s most aesthetically glorious surroundings is unparalleled. Anybody looking at what the resort has to offer would instantly fall in love with this destination.

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