Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#54)

Belize Vacation Sweepstakes

There are very few places in the world where you can vacation and experience a little bit of everything. Chaa Creek resort in Belize is one of them. The 365-acre nature reserve caters to the thrill-seeker and intellectual, as well as those in need of a little R&R. The rainforest offers pristine beauty and wildlife, which can be explored by horse, mountain bike, or the old fashioned way – on foot. The nearby Macal River is great for a canoe day trip and the Maya Mountains shelter ancient Mayan temples. It’s a photographers dream!

The lodging is absolutely superb! Serene, private cottages nestled along the riverbank accommodate families and honeymooners alike. It’s literally like living in the jungle, while enjoying luxuries such as hammocks and outdoor Jacuzzis. If you’re looking to find inner peace, and the magical rainforest setting isn’t enough, the Spa at Chaa Creek will put you in touch with yourself and the natural wonders that surround you.

It’s hard to be bored at Chaa Creek. It’s called an adventure travel resort for a reason. Days can be filled with endless exploration of the jungle, river, and Mayan temples. Plenty of tours and activities are available to help you get started. Bird watching, horseback riding, canoeing, hiking, and mountain biking are just some of the on-site activities available. Tours of the Mayan temples and nearby caves aren’t to be missed. For those wanting to get a bird’s eye view of their surrounding, a helicopter tour is the way to go.

With so many vacation resorts to chose from and so many countries to visit, it may be hard to choose the proper spot for a holiday. Chaa Creek Resort will leave you breathless, as you immerse yourself in the exotic beauty of a paradise called Belize.

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