Belize Honeymoon Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#12

Belize Honeymoon Vacation Sweepstakes

My husband and I were married August 9th 2009, however because of a shortage of money we were unable to take a honeymoon after we got married. We’d always dreamed of visiting Belize with its beautiful scenery and breath-taking natural attractions, it seems like the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

We haven’t been able to take a breather from work for years, considering we had a wedding to plan and bills to pay. It was never the right time and quite frankly, if it were, we couldn’t afford it. Chaa Creek looks absolutely breath-taking and to walk through the lush, tropical rain forests, away from the stress of normal life would be a dream come true for any newlywed couple, including us.

We’d especially enjoy sampling the local cuisine as we are both very adventurous eaters! In addition, considering Belize is home to the longest barrier reef in this hemisphere and we’d love to snorkel and experience a trip through the coral reefs. As two very enthusiastic, yet amateurish archeologists, photographing and viewing the ancient Maya artifacts found in Belize would be a dream come true.

Being environmentally friendly is also very dear to our hearts and I have learned that the Chaa Creek is one of a handful of hotels worldwide leading the way for their environmentally-friendly commitments. Perhaps, as fellow passionate eco-fans, we can pick up a few tips while we are away!

I can’t picture a more perfect honeymoon. A chance for two people to relax and re-connect after the hectic pace one goes through planning a wedding. It would be a blessing for us to take the honeymoon we have always wanted, but could never afford to take place in Belize. It will be the perfect getaway for two very weary, overworked people long overdue for a romantic getaway!

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