Belize Honeymoon Sweepstakes Essay#24

Belize Honeymoon Sweepstakes

My fiancé Kyle and I often speak of retiring to Central America. We are both clinical psychologists in-training and will be getting married during our final year of graduate school. Our entire relationship has occurred within the context of demanding coursework, research, and clinical practice. Thus, we spend a lot of our time daydreaming about what life will be like when we have time for ourselves.

Our love of Central America stemmed from a short vacation we were able to take to Costa Rica in April 2009. We had 5 overlapping days of freedom and we decided to use them to visit a country that neither of us had been to. We were sure we would like Central America, but the extent to which we were fascinated and overwhelmed by its beauty and culture took us by surprise. Though it was only 5 days (and an extremely hectic 5 days at that, in order to fit all of our sightseeing in!), we fell in love with the country, and feel even more in love with one another. We look back on that vacation as one of the highlights not only of our relationship, but of our lives. Since then, we have dreamt of returning to visit other Central American countries, and Belize has been chosen as the destination for our honeymoon.

We chose Central America for our honeymoon because we want to come full circle – we want to start our new life together in the same place that we will hopefully finally return to towards the end of our lives. Though our honeymoon will be a much needed time of relaxation, we are both so used to being active and busy, and we want our honeymoon to reflect this about our personalities. Belize seemed to be a perfect fit, in that there are so many excursions and activities to do, yet the country provides a beautiful and tranquil setting in which to relax. Chaa Creek provides just that as well. Hiking and visiting Mayan ruins, followed by spa treatments and a private Jacuzzi is the ideal honeymoon for the both of us.

We have heard nothing but fabulous things about Belize and are certain that a honeymoon at Chaa Creek will exceed all of our expectations and hopefully become the new highlight of our relationship, one that we can reflect back upon when we finally retire nearby!

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