Belize Honeymoon Vacation Sweepstakes – Essay#18

Belize Honeymoon Vacation Sweepstakes
My 20th wedding anniversary is in June, and we had hoped to have a romantic getaway.  We were married one weekend while in college. We always planned on having a special honeymoon after we graduated, but somehow life always interferred.  We would love to have an opportunity to have a much delayed honey-versary.  Traveling to Chaa Creek would give us a much needed escape from the stress of everyday life and work.  This would be a vacation that we would always remember.
I would enjoy having an adventure alone with my husband.  We love to spend time outdoors. We enjoy hiking ,canoeing, and visiting historic areas.  Traveling to Chaa Creek would combine all the activities we love while allowing us to experience a different culture.  It would feel like stepping back in time to a slower and calm paradise.  We would enjoy being surrounded by the local vegatation and sounds while canoeing the mangrove swamps.  We would enjoy taking night walks under the stars.  During the day, we would explore the jungle trails and dine by candlelight at night.  Belize would be an exciting and invigorating experience.
The Lodge at Chaa Creek seems to be a wonderful place to relax in secluded paradise.  From the cottages on the Macal River to the treetop suites overlooking the jungle, each accomodation seems to offer an escape from the busy world. The spa would be an unforgettable calm rainforest experience.  It would be relaxing to enjoy the experience of  having a chocolate wrap and the many aromatic oils would be invigorating. We would enjoy trying the sorrel flower ice tea after an exciting day of touring.  The dining menu seems to be unique and offers many originial dishes. Traveling to Chaa Creek would be the ultimate adventure. We would leave the Lodge with wonderful memories and start on our next 20 year adventure.
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