Vacation Sweepstakes- Essay#6

Belize Eco-tourism Vacation Sweepstakes

The Maya were masters at utilizing the jungle's natural resources for their practical and medicinal needs.

My wife and I heard about your great Belize resort from our children about a year ago and would love to spend our vacation there.  We are firm believers in conservation, and try to be sustainable in as many ways as we can (we have solar panels on our home and office). We could not think of a better gift than to be able to spend a vacation on the green vacation package at Chaa Creek!  We know of its reputation as a world-class resort and a great launching pad to explore the vibrant culture of Belize.  We can’t think of anything better than spending our vacation taking guided hikes – something my wife and I love to do.  We enjoy snorkeling and we’re extremely interested in the rainforest medicine trail.  We’d love to immerse ourselves in the culture of Belize through Chaa Creek.

As a doctor, I know that the rainforest has fascinating applications to medicine – and I am thrilled about being able to take a guided medicine hike through it.  I’ve always been interested in tribal remedies and will be interested to hear about the Mayan methods. This is the early evolution of medicine and I would like to fully experience it. We also love birds, butterflies and being outdoors – the three “B”s!  We’d be more than happy to share a few pounds of our suitcase for your noble project – but don’t worry, my wife will make sure that I pack at least a few changes of underwear! This is a great offer because it provides us with a great opportunity to relax, learn, and exercise in a responsible ecotourism environment, and we would love to join you. Thank you very much for your consideration. We will be wishing on every penny, star and eyelash until the sweepstakes date comes!

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