Belize Eco Kids Summer Camp Essay -6

Why I want to be an eco-kid

In this developed and materialistic world it seems that no one ever takes the time to carefully scrutinize the irreplaceable and extraordinary gifts that we have been given, to dwell in the serenity and be one with nature. In present day it appears that majority of the population would choose jewellery and status symbols over biodiversity, serenity and other aspects of nature .I have seen aspects of the exotic wildlife, I have been fascinated by the Maya sites and hypnotized by the rainforest, the diverse contents of Belize and the uniqueness they emit, and seeing that, I wouldn’t think of trading it for material life. as quoted by a very wise Belizean “we have been given a gift so extraordinary that man in all his knowledge and intellect is unable to duplicate if it is ever destroyed’’ I strongly believe that each Belizean should contribute in preserving Belize’s resources , however I can only be an example to others by first starting with myself ,therefore, it would be a great opportunity if I could be relieved from this materialistic world for a short period of time and be exposed to the aspects of nature, the ecological environment and to participate in comprehensive educational activities that would encourage me to help others by informing them on the importance of conservation ,preservation, recycling and other methods that could be useful in sustaining Belize .It would be a great opportunity to acknowledge these facts ,dwell in the tranquillity ,for adventure and even for fun. If I am given this opportunity I would have at least one week of my summer vacation to learn about the sustainable development for our future and will surely use the knowledge gained to proudly empower the new generation with a different view on Belize and life itself because I believe that one person can make a big difference and with a small contribution I can help mould Belize and once again see it at its full potential.

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