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My reason for writing this short essay is pretty simple.  I feel that the world has everything to gain if we can LEARN to become environmentally responsible, which in turn means becoming responsible for what we leave behind for future generations.  Everyone cannot be perfect in life yet education in sustainability and going green is necessary if we are going to be able to stop or reverse some of the devasting issues causing global warming and work with, not destroy, Mother Earth.  Urgent attention needs to be given to our waters, wildlife, air and land.

I work for a non-profit organization that’s been around for 30 years and over the past few years I’m proud to say one of our main focuses has been to build sustainable multi-family housing for low income families.  We have recently organized a “green team” where every two weeks we meet to brainstorm how to introduce things as simple as “green” cleaning products to our tenants including providing training and recipes for cleaning solutions as well as providing them with price comparisons so they will see both benefits in their pocket and the environment.

I know that I have a lot to learn about being environmentally aware and I’m eager for this knowledge so I myself feel that I’m doing the best I can, as well as my family, and so that I can pass information along to others in a way that it makes them feel excited and not intimidated.  I would the opportunity to visit your lodge to learn more about your programs.  I feel that everyone can benefit by sharing thoughts and ideas as well as have hands on experience with practices in place.

I’ve been travelling in Central America the past few years but as I started planning my first trip to Belize this past month for a trip in August 2010 I came across Chaa Creek in the travel forums.  Funny thing is most of the travellers talk about what a top notch lodge it is, how beautiful and wonderful it is but don’t point out very often the focus of eco-tourism as I suppose that feels a little more “behind the scenes”.  I imagine a lot of thought goes into creating such a great balance.

Thanks so much for reading and being an eco-concious lodge.

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