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Traveling has always been something I have been very passionate about.  I love discovering new places and meeting the people wherever I go.  One of my favorite things about taking a trip to a new place is always planning things to do with my time there. I read up on different towns and tours to take, and always pay special attention to the food I am excited to try.  However, no matter how much I plan I always allow room for discovery and freedom in my travels.  This ability to adapt and go with the flow on a vacation has allowed for some really great experiences, from singing with elementary children in a school in India to swimming in the runoff from a glacier on a sunny day in Alaska.

My love of travel and discovering new places has led me to Belize.  Until recently I had never thought of traveling to Central America, until I read about Belize.  The country seems like a vacationer’s paradise, with the dense jungle, clear oceans and ancient Mayan ruins to explore.  After reading about the country, I booked a ticket right away for three weeks of exploring the country with my boyfriend.  Not only will this be our first time to Belize, but it will be our first big vacation together.  After six years together I am excited to see how discovering this beautiful country together will affect our relationship.

When I was researching hotels in Belize I came across Chaa Creek.  What an amazing place to stay! Chaa Creek has everything and more I could hope to experience in Belize, from wonderful food to a couple that developed the land and has lived there for thirty years.  I am sure the Fleming’s can provide some great insight to us as we too discover and learn to love Belize.

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