A Chaa Creek Vacation in Belize? Yes, Please!

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There are many reasons that people from all over the world dream of vacationing in Belize, one of Central America’s most endearing countries… The allure of ancient civilizations, resting quietly in the jungles for centuries; the colorful culture of its people; the breathtaking views of the Caribbean that overlook a dynamic barrier reef teeming with life… It seems hard to narrow it down to just a few!

For my fiancé and I, our desire to vacation in Belize, and more specifically at The Lodge at Chaa Creek, stems from a personal love of Latin American culture and a shared interest in historical sites and adventure! We spend a lot of time traveling and trying new things, and so when James, my fiancé, proposed this summer, we already knew a traditional wedding was not for us! We knew immediately where we wanted to get married and spend our honeymoon: in Belize!

Some of the things we are really looking forward to are: diving and snorkeling in the Belize Barrier Reef, exploring the ancient Maya historical sites, sampling the best local restaurants, white water rafting through the jungles, and meeting many new and interesting people along the way! I actually have a keen interest in photography and so I’m looking forward to toting my big DSLR camera and zoom lens and capturing as much of the country as possible… More than just hitting the routine tourist destinations and then hopping on a plane back to the States, I hope to really get a chance to intermingle with the local culture and people and get to know them on a more personal level.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek seems to be the best place to plan our excursions from with their extensive vacation planning guides, all the while enjoying many luxuries we do not usually afford ourselves in Central and South America. We would absolutely love to stay at such a world renowned resort for part of our honeymoon in Belize!

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