I’d literally give anything to come back to Belize

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The hustle and bustle of college life is indefinitely fun, or some may say. As a student at James Madison University, I can tell you all about the fun of college. When I first arrived here freshman year, three years ago, a whole new world was opened to me. There were people everywhere, and always something to do. There was always a party to go to or new club to join. Something, however, still felt empty to me.

Last spring break I went on an alternative spring break trip to San Ignacio, Belize with twelve other members from my school for a writing class. We came and volunteered at ProWorld for two weeks. The experience I had in those two weeks put my college years to shame. It’s different going from hopping from party to party to hopping from waterfall to river to Mayan ruin. I can tell you one thing for sure, sitting on top of Xunantunich was the most I’ve ever felt alive. An emotional void had been filled in me, and I knew that’s where my heart would reside.

I’ve researched Chaa Creek probably more than socially acceptable, and probably more than anyone ever has. The services and accommodations are absolutely incredible. They’re indescribable to say the least. I’d literally give anything to come back to Belize, but my funds right now are all going towards affording an education. We’ve sold my car and a house, and we’re still struggling. I’d be so lucky to come back; I need to essentially be reunited with my heart, which is still overlooking the view from the top of the ruins.

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