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I never had a chance to travel while I was working in law enforcement for the past 37 years. However, I recently retired and am looking forward to seeing all those places i had dreamed of going to in the past. I have been an active scuba diver for over 30 years, but most of my diving has been in a full wet suit with a hood. The warm waters of Belize would be a different category altogether! Belize has always been in my mind as a diving and snorkeling location I would love to visit.  I am sure I would see fish life and other sea and coral life that I have never experienced. I have also taken up bird watching and understand that Belize is a fantastic place to do some first class birding. I would also like to explore for myself the ecology, natural history and rich Maya civilization and archaeology of Belize.  I am not sure what the night life is like in Belize but I assume that I will be so tired after canoeing, swimming and whatever, that I will be pleased with a quick cha cha  and so to bed!

Part of the allure of travel as well is interaction with the people of the country and I know that the people of Belize are welcoming to their tourist guests. I also enjoy the dining experience and look forward to fresh fish and other native cuisine. I am sure that Belize fruit and vegetables will be a treat as well.

Coming from the northeast part of the US (NY state) we have very cold and snowy icy winters. Thus, a trip to Belize would be a wonderful reprieve from these winters,with warm balmy breezes and lots of sunshine a real treat. . I look forward to relaxing and unwinding in a cottage at Chaa Creek.

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