I wonder what it is like to wake up and know your alarm clock is a Howler Monkey.

My husband and I discovered Belize when we decided we wanted to plan a vacation that was more than enjoying lazing in the sun and sipping frozen drinks all day. We recently got certified to dive, love to explore, and have a dream of seeing this planet from end to end. We found The Lodge at Chaa Creek through Sustainable Travel International. We follow your blog via Face book.

Here is my essay about why we would like to visit Belize and the Lodge at Chaa Creek:

I wonder what it is like to wake up and know your alarm clock is a Howler Monkey. What is it like to be in a place where the morning mist rises as you strain your ears to hear the ancient Mayans whisper their secrets of the past and knowledge of the future? I wonder what it is like to be in a place where the sky scrapers were built to encourage spiritual enlightenment and not the growth of big business.

When you are in Belize, will you remember the time when you realize that you are having fun that has nothing to do with television and video games, and where social networking is naming the iguanas that you meet outside your lodging? And where you are having so much fun you wouldn’t remember to “update your status”, even if you could get a Wi-Fi signal?!

I imagine the joy of eating tortillas that are not from a grocery store or handed to you through a drive- through window. I imagine the amazement of seeing a Toucan that isn’t on a cereal box. I imagine coming face to face with animals that most of the world will only ever see in a zoo. I imagine the delicious experience of eating chocolate and drinking coffee in the place where they are grown. I imagine how I might hold my breath when a butterfly lands on me!

How powerful an emotion you must feel when you realize you are in the middle of a rainforest that might hold cures yet to be discovered …when you know you are face to face with nature that is begging us to save it, to restore it, to protect it?

Belize is a place where you can go to discover the beauty of this world. The Lodge at Chaa Creek is a wonderful place that recognizes that beauty and is actively working to protect it, to sustain it, and to rediscover it.

I have learned that it is as important to travel in a way that reflects the way we live at home. I am impressed to learn that there are places to stay when we vacation that reflect our values… consciously limiting our footprint on the planet. Imagine traveling to a country where you don’t have to worry about how you might impact that country’s environment negatively…because Chaa Creek has thought of all that for you and can help you plan the eco- vacation of your dreams! Imagine a vacation that is the best you have ever had, a vacation that you will relive in your memories for years to come. I imagine that would be a vacation in Belize at The Lodge at Chaa Creek.

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